Marketing Factors

Topics: Marketing, Fashion, No frills Pages: 2 (1071 words) Published: June 1, 2013 This competition forces each company to establish a marketing process to enhance their reputation and relationship with their customers. Senior managers conduct strategic marketing management to set cooperate policy and establish long-range goals.  Most businesses use a variety of marketing principles in order to optimize the market performance of existing products and to successfully launch products into a new market.

Read more: In an organization which is as large and strong as Primark, a competitive devised strategic marketing is highly required.  Without a strategic marketing plan, organizations can waste resources, miss opportunities or, in a worst case, waste resources, miss opportunities or, in a worst case scenario threaten their own survival. Stepwise action makes Primark a productive sector. It is an exciting growing brand that provides consumers with value for money in fashion items. The company has an effective supply chain that combines manufacturing of different countries like Bangladesh, India m china and Turkey and some parts of Europe. Like other business Primark’s main objective is to be a profitable and sustainable but in doing that it is always trying to satisfy customers keep themselves responsible to the customers. The strategic marketing of Primark has enabled them to capture confidence of customers in the brand that helps reducing the risk of business (Hawes & Crittendon, 1984). While every other fashion retailer on the high street is embracing multichannel operations, be it ecommerce, click and collect, mobile platforms, smartphone apps or any combination of the above,  Associated British Foods, Primark’s parent company, held a management meeting yesterday (24 August) outlining the outlook...
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