Marketing Ethics – Mcdonald’s Corporation

Topics: McDonald's, Ethics, Marketing Pages: 3 (694 words) Published: April 8, 2011
MARKETING ETHICS – McDonald’s Corporation

Marketing ethics, on the one hand, can provide a positive image to a corporation if certain standards are fulfilled. On the other hand, inconsideration of marketing ethics may generate loss to the corporation in terms of customer and revenue. McDonald’s Corporation is the world largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurant. One main reason to cause its success is effective promotion of goods. It is necessary for McDonald’s to keep a high ethical consensus with society.

In this essay, McDonald’s marketing activities will be discussed under 2 AMA ethical values which are citizenship and respect.

As for citizenship, a corporation should fulfill societal responsibilities to serve stakeholders and contribute back to the market and society. McDonald’s has introduced McDonald Mother’s Club. The aim of McDonald Mother’s Club is to share the workload of mothers and there are monthly discount to member to purchase the food of McDonald’s with a lower price. Also, entertaining and informational activities will be provided to members and their children. In 2010, education seminar provided useful information for members to choose primary school for their children. The reason of holding this type of seminar is to reduce the stress of parents while facing to the educational problems of their children. Besides considering the children’s educational problems, there are plenty of cooking workshop available for parents and children. It can improve the relationship of them through the cooperation between parents and children. Another example of citizenship is Ronald McDonald House. It is a short-term residence for families, while their seriously ill children receive medical treatment. So that the parents can take care their sick children by this residential support. The House is the core project of Ronald McDonald House Charities and McDonald’s has promised to donate HK$0.1 to the charities for every purchase Happy...
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