Marketing Ethics

Topics: Marketing, Ethics, Economy of the People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Marketing Activities -----Groupon Hong Kong
Groupon is a deal a day websites, it provides a newly developed business model that offer group coupon per day. The companies provide the coupon of services and products with discount and it works as assurance contract. That means only if the number of people who sign up for the group coupon meet the minimum, the deal will become available. However, there are sharply increasing number of the complaints against the products of the group buying websites in Hong Kong .Groupon Hong Kong as the biggest group buying company, still being criticized as companies without ethical marketing in Hong Kong. This essay has facilitated the discovery of the ethics of Cadbury’s marketing activities. The discussion is mainly focused on marketing ethical of the products of the Groupon Hong Kong. The products will be analyzed based two ethical values which are responsibility and transparency with according to American Marketing Association (AMA).


Groupon Hong Kong failed to accept the consequence of their marketing decision and strategies. On early September Groupon Hong Kong offers group coupon that customers only need to pay 148 for buying Mint Design shoes which priced $400 in the market. However, it fails to provide products to customers within the committed date as the product was shock out. Although there are many customers claimed to refund, the Groupon did not give any properly responds to customers. Instead of refund to customer Groupon offer another model shoes to customers and titled “upgraded service” without any reason and the agreement of the customers.(Apple Daily Newspaper 2011) The Groupon fail to provide products as they did not set the limit for the coupon appropriated with the inventory of the Mint Design and refuse to deal with the customers’ complaints. Instead of serve the customers...
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