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Marketing Planning and Auditing4
SWOT Analysis5
Macro Environment6
Micro environment7
Marketing Research and Marketing Intelligence8
Marketing Positioning10
Buyer Behavior11


The Airline companies now a day are mainly depending on marketing to attract new customers and to maintain sustainable relationships with them by promotions, Rewards and Loyalty programs. Qantas is one of those biggest and oldest airlines in the world who managed to keep making profit out of their businesses but still need to keep this profit despite all the challenges and competitions they are facing. By Good planning, have a clear company objective and by Analysis Qantas will guarantee keeping its Group in constant level but the world is changing and buys are effected by those changes so Qantas has to keep between its eyes those variables and act based on it.

Marketing Planning and Auditing:

Marketing planning is a series of activities and systematic processes used after the setup the main objective for an organization and those steps guides how to achieve the organization goals. Marketing Auditing is part of marketing planning process and it is conducted in the beginning of the planning process and it continue analyzing while implementing the plan as it contain both internal and external influences on marketing planning. Qantas will undertake marketing planning and Auditing as it is an effective way to ensure that the company mission and the organization objective is being set correctly and achieved specially with the increase of the competition in the market. The Auditing process will be used to analyze the changing environments of the organization and will provide clear picture or the upcoming strategy the organization will use to keep sustainable profit. Auditing, planning and corporate strategy all are tools is being used in marketing and Qantas has implement it to set on the company future object and goals like” transforming Qantas from an Australian to an Asian global carrier” (Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO). Qantas Group has two types of objectives to be set:

* Business Objectives and that include the strategy of build profitable customer relationship, invest in researches and improve profits. * Marketing Objectives by know how to increase the market shares, create local partnership like what Qantas done with Jetstar and increase promotions by introduce budget fares airline. Corporate strategy is a process of identifying and implementing management decisions that are crucial to an organization position in helping it to get the better of adversary or to attain its end. Qantas use the corporate strategy to identify the organization current position in the market such as its role function and purpose and set a specified path to be followed in order to achieve the outcomes that has been planned from the beginning as the aim of Qantas is to be the top in the aviation industry in Asia.

SWOT Analysis:
Qantas is using the SWOT analysis as one of the major business tools to analysis the internal and external factors and to keep monitoring the business plan to make sure that the company objectives is met and goals are reached and also be aware of the Opportunities and threats that might affect them. The Internal factors are the company strengths and Weaknesses which Qantas can determine and change it when needed according to the organization plan and strategy followed. The external factors are the opportunities and Threats which Qantas cannot control and that’s what Qantas focusing on as the changing of Qantas plan and strategy depends on the changes of those two elements as. Strength:

* Using a strong Fleet operation Helps Qantas to build a long term...
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