Marketing Diary

Topics: Advertising, Birkin bag, Brand Pages: 10 (3028 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Academic year 2010./2011.

Written by: Tanja Igić

Marketing diary

Course: Principles of marketing

Zagreb, 2010.
Topic 1: Competition

Uniqueness as an absolute advantage

Source: (08.10.2010.)

The topic I chose as the first one is the legal war between two famous Spanish fashion brands- Custo Barcelona and Desigual. The reason why it is the first entry is because I am very interested in fashion and Desigual is my favourite brand. This summer I went to Spain and I realized that there is a brand very similar to Desigual, both in design and prices. This was the first time that I have heard for Custo Barcelona. Unlike Desigual, Custo is not an internationally known and famous brand. Oppositely, in Spain, the competition between the two is very high. I can even compare it with two major soccer clubs –Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. In most cases, if you prefer Desigual, you would never buy from Custo and vice versa. Shock for Desigual lovers came in 2008, when Custo Barcelona filed a plagiarism lawsuit against Desigual. Custo accused Desigual for copying its mixtures of patchwork and materials and also for following their shop openings and contacting Custo’s distributors to market its products. No one ever wrote about the end of this lawsuit and that is why I cannot give my comment on the final decision, but I can comment on Custo’s decision about filing Desigual. I consider it as a desperate action of trying to get more of a target market. What they didn’t consider is that Desigual lovers, after this affair, sticked even more with Desigual. Unfortunately for Custo, Desigual is still existing, not only on the Spanish market, but worldwide, and it is stronger than ever.

Topic 2: Controversial marketing

Shock advertising

Source: (02.11.2010.)

It was few years ago when I heard for Benetton’s and Sisley’s controversial advertisements for the first time. Since then, I have been checking out their new ads every now and then, because they keep shocking me every time I see them. Recently, there has been a new billboard by Sisley on the streets of Zagreb. The picture is representing a young women on the floor with lots of cucumbers around her and one in her mouth. They just keep shocking, but why? Probably because controversial marketing is known to have an impact on drawing attention to the brand. When searching about the reasons why Benetton is doing such commercials, I found out that they want to raise the awareness about global problems and concerns among their global customers. They have officially divided their advertising campaigns in three separate phases and the first one started in 1986, when Benetton began cooperation with Oliviero Toscani. The phases where named: cycle of difference, cycle of reality and cycle of free speech and the right to express it. Each released campaign, such as the one against capital punishment, resulted in widespread protest against the company, from the customers as well as governments. Usually, it ended up with lots of free publicity and an increase in sales, but after the ‘death row’ campaign, they decided to stop controversial advertising. They faced the fact that they have repeated using controversial subjects for too long and that the impact on the customers was rather negative. Topic 3: TV advertising

Effects of television food advertising on eating behavior

Source: (21.11.2010.)

Topic 4: Market impact teams in Coca Cola HBC

Does it really increase sales?

Few weeks ago, I have received an e-mail offering a student internship in Coca Cola HBC in the selling...
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