Marketing Crocs in a Rural Area

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Rural Marketing And Communication Assignment-

Vision And Mission
* Vision – To be the leading supplier of footwear in rural India. Have atleast one pair of crocs in each rural household. * Mission- To provide stylish, health beneficial, soft, comfortable , light weight and quality products to our customers at affordable prices.

Tag line goes, “Ab khushiyon mein koi rukawat nahi “ because these crocs will solve your health problems of leg pains and backaches and they also look very good. Thus bringing ‘khushiyan’ in your lives.

The name of the product is still kept Crocs only because the name is catchy and will be something unheard of and new for the villagers and thus it will grab more attention.

Marketing Mix:
* Product:
* Clog-like shoes available in different colours – black, blue, orange and green. * Available for both men and children in sizes 4 to 10. * Extremely light in weight. Thus solving issues of leg pain and backaches. * Has two acupressure points which improve blood circulation in the legs. * Low maintenance. They can be simply washed with water to keep them clean. They are long lasting. * Appealing to the eyes.

* Kept affordable for the rural people.
* Varies as per the size of the crocs.
* Size 3 to 6- Rs 120
* Size 7 to 10- Rs 150
* The villagers aren’t expected to have a heavy budget for something like footwear. And so they have been priced low at a price which villagers might be ready to pay.

* Acquiring the raw materials from Alephata where a small production plant is there. * The crocs are manufactured and sent to the main distributor in Junnar. * The distributor delivers the crocs to all the footwear retailers in Junnar.

* TVC: Script of the TVC:
A farmer after a day’s of hard work goes back home and finds his elder cousin has come to meet him. As he...
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