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Topics: Advertising, Law, Lebanon Pages: 5 (1555 words) Published: May 13, 2013
M- Commerce and Its implication|
M- Commerce and Its Implications|


Overview of M-Commerce5
Mobile Advertising5
The Privacy Issue5
Spam Messages6
Premium Rate Services6
Location Based Advertising7
Comparison of EU law vs Lebanese Law7
Proposed Solutions for M- commerce8


Mobile technologies are tactics — not strategies in themselves. Too often mobile services conversations start with “let’s build an app.” Instead, decisions like these should only be undertaken once a clear strategy is in place. The goal of using mobile should be to improve engagement with consumers by offering them phenomenal convenience. Mobile tactics, whether a simple SMS or through the use of mobile applications, should be dedicated and clear for all customers in order to convince them to buy the product advertised. This thesis is designed to help marketers boost customer relationships through mobile services and specially M-commerce. Introduction

This thesis introduces the various forms of m-commerce as a source of advertising with the major problems facing them, and the actual and proposed regulatory structures of such advertising medium which shall positively influence the end objective of this media tool by removing, as much as possible, damaging issues such as spam and interference of privacy. In order to analyze whether the legislative framework meets the terms of m-commerce, a certain literature, which is mainly about e-commerce, is used to discuss the issue and to enable to come forward with proposals regarding what should be improved in the area of m-commerce. In this context, some of the books shall be pointed out: Edwards and Waelde (2000), Schulze and Baumgartner (2001), Simmons and Simmons (2001) and Woodley (2003). These books reflect the legal issues arising in e-commerce with special focus on the harmonization of EU law. On another step we should compare the EU law regarding e-commerce with the Lebanese law taking into consideration the status of m-commerce in Lebanon. 3 surveys where done by the ministry of economy in Lebanon on e-commerce. We will be discussing them in details with a full analysis on the end results. In addition to the literature dealing with e-commerce, several articles touching on m-commerce issues shall be used in this thesis: Gow (2005, forthcoming), Gratton (2003) and White (2003) dealing with the legal and regulatory aspects related to the processing of personal and location data generated by mobile devices; Camponovo and Cerutti (2004), Fellner (2003) and Sarrocco (2004) addressing the issue of mobile advertising by analyzing current legislation restricting advertising and in addition focus on the spam problem. All these sources make clear that the regulating regimes may not be enough regarding the challenges new technologies bring along. In addition, the authors challenge the industries to put in place measures to enable secure transactions carried out via mobile devices. During the literature research the articles and books used in this thesis were mainly found on Internet databases, namely the Library of the ‘Arhus School of Business: (especially electronic books) and the search engine ‘Google’. In the case of article research, the focus was on documents in PDF format along with the website of the Ministry of Economy of Lebanon.

Overview of M-Commerce

In this chapter the focus will be on the characteristics of mobile devices with relation to m-commerce. Based on the enabling technology of mobile devices, a framework for m-commerce applications and services is provided. The chapter shall give the reader an insight into the matter of m-commerce. Mobile Advertising

Advertisements seem to be everywhere and people are bombarded with them every day; however, they pay attention to very few of them. And even when they pay attention, it does not mean that they will...
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