Marketing Consumer Behavior

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Chapter 03
Consumer Behavior

Multiple Choice

1. ________________ emphasize(s) that profitable marketing begins with the discovery and understanding of consumer needs and then develops a marketing mix to satisfy these needs. A) The marketing concept

B) The strategic plan
C) The product influences
D) The price influences
Answer: A Page: 40

2. ________________ is one of the most basic influences on an individual’s needs, wants, and behavior. A) Brand
B) Culture
C) Product
D) Price
Answer: B Page: 41

3. In terms of consumer behavior; culture, social class, and reference group influences have been related to purchase and _______________. A) Economic situations
B) Situational influences
C) Consumption decisions
D) Physiological influences
Answer: C Page: 39

4. Many sub-cultural barriers are decreasing because of mass communication, mass transit, and a ___________________. A) Decline in the influence of religious values
B) Decline in communal influences
C) Strong awareness of brands in the market
D) Strong awareness of pricing policies in the market
Answer: A Page: 42

5. ___________ develop on the basis of wealth, skills and power. A) Economical classes
B) Purchasing communities
C) Competitors
D) Social classes
Answer: D Page: 42

6. _____________ (is) are transmitted through three basic organizations: the family, religious organizations, and educational institutions; and in today’s society, educational institutions are playing an increasingly greater role in this regard. A) Consumer feedback

B) Marketing information systems
C) Market share estimates
D) Cultural values
Answer: D Page: 42

7. In large nations, the population is bound to lose a lot of its homogeneity, and thus _________________ arise. A) Multilingual needs
B) Cultures
C) Subcultures
D) Product adaptation requirements
Answer: C Page: 42

8. _______________ are based on such things as geographic areas, religions, nationalities, ethnic groups, and age. A) Multilingual needs
B) Cultures
C) Subcultures
D) Product adaptation requirements
Answer: C Page: 42

9. Marketing managers should adapt the marketing mix to ___________________ and constantly monitor value changes and differences in both domestic and global markets. A) Sales strategies
B) Marketing concepts
C) Cultural values
D) Brand images
Answer: C Page: 42

10. _____________ has become increasingly important for developing a marketing strategy in recent years. A) Change in consumers’ attitudes
B) Inflation of the dollar
C) The concept and the brand
D) Age groups, such as the teen market, baby boomers, and the mature market Answer: D Page: 42

11. What percentage of the U.S. population is comprised of baby boomers? A) 70%
B) 50%
C) 33%
D) Less than 10 percent
Answer: C Page: 42

12. Which of the following is an example of a social influence on consumer behavior? A) The fashion editor of Seventeen magazines writes that any teen who wants to be well-dressed for the first day of school must wear a shirt that shows her bellybutton B) The manufacturer of a line of aromatherapy candles markets them at very exclusive stores C) When Arne went to the store to buy a new dress for Easter, she decided not to buy anything because of the crowded conditions of the store D) Billie purchased a pair of Honey brand clogs instead of the Birkenstocks she wanted because the Birkenstocks were too expensive Answer: A Page: 43

Feedback: The fashion editor of the magazine is a reference leader. Alternatives B and D describe marketing influences. Alternative C is an example of situational influences.

13. Two of the most important psychological factors that impact consumer decision-making process are product _____________ and product involvement. A) Marketing
B) Strategy
C) Price
D) Knowledge
Answer: D Page: 46...
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