Marketing Concept of Garnier Shampoo

Topics: Dandruff, Marketing, Hair care Pages: 4 (1141 words) Published: November 15, 2012
Garnier fructis — Presentation Transcript

1. MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1 PRESENTATIONBRAND DOSSIER OF “GARNIER FRUCTIS” 2. AGENDAIntroduction to GarnierBrand Positioning and RepositioningStrategies Adopted  Advertising  Sales Promotion  Segmentation  Distribution StrategyTackling CompetitionSWOT AnalysisMarket Research AnalysisNet Take AwayRecommendation 3. INTRODUCTION TO GARNIER Garnier is a division of LOreal that produces hair careproducts, including the Fructis line, and skin care products under thename, Nutritioniste, that are sold around the world. L’Oreal entered in India in 1992 with its Garnier Ultra Doux range ofshampoos. Garnier accounts for almost 90%of the company’s turnover in India. Having entered the country in 1992, the company revolutionised itstactics by rolling out Garnier Colour Naturals, a low-cost hair dyedeveloped specifically for the Asian nation. 4. BRAND POSITIONING AND REPOSITIONINGINITIAL POSITIONING REPOSITIONING Garnier Ultra Doux Shampoo Ultra doux to Garnier Fructis- Ayurveda and natural Garnier Synergie to Garnieringredients Skin naturals Competitive pricing devoid of The prices were set at a slightany differentiation premium over mass brands Garnier Fructis Shampoo + Oil which eliminated the need of two separate hair-care routines. 5. STRATEGY ADOPTED Distribution Segmentation Sales Promotion Advertisement 6. STRATEGY ADOPTEDADVERTISEMENT STRATEGY TV Commercials Radio Promotions News Papers Magazines Internet 7. STRATEGY ADOPTEDSALES PROMOTION Viral Marketing PolicyViral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to passon a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponentialgrowth in the message’s exposure and influence. ContestIntroduced the aspect of five time’s stronger hair and the firm had a braidcompetition whereby consumers could register on a site and create a knoton the Fructis braid, as part of their entry into the contest. 8. STRATEGY...
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