Marketing Communications Plan

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Promotion and marketing communications Pages: 12 (3800 words) Published: February 17, 2011
Table of Contents

1. Introduction2
2. Marketing Objectives2
2.1 Sales Objectives2
2.2 Competitive Position3
2.3 Customer Actions Desired4
3. Budget Preparation4
4. Promotional Mix and Promotional Opportunities Analysis6
4.1 Promotional Mix6
Direct Response Marketing and E-Active Marketing6
Public Relations6
Sales Promotions6
4.2 Promotional Opportunities Analysis6
4.2.1 Communication Market Analysis6
4.2.2 Communication Objectives8
4.2.3 Promotional Strategies and Tactics8
5. Media Mix and Plan9
5.1 Media Selection9
5.1.1 Television Media Plan10
5.1.2 Radio Advertising10
5.1.3 Magazines and Newspaper Advertising11
5.1.4 Internet11
5.1.5 Direct Mail12
5.1.6 Outdoor advertising12
5.2 Scheduling12
5.3 Reach and Frequency Objectives13
6. Evaluation of Performance13
Appendix.A Response Card15

1. Introduction
Tokio Hotel is one of the most popular rock bands currently in the world. This German rock band consists of four amazing boys in their twenties, who are Bill Kaulitz (vocals), Tom Kaulitz (guitar), Georg Listing (Bass guitar/Keyboard) and Gustav Schäfer (drums). They made their debut in 2005, and completed some unique tours in the last few years. They have been playing all around Europe and America becoming international superstars since 2006, but unfortunately they have not yet come to Australia (We want Tokio Hotel to come to Australia, 2010). This marketing communication plan is intended to launch and promote a virtual inaugural rock concert for Tokio Hotel in this December. We would like to choose Brisbane Riverstage as the concert venue, which is a great outdoor entertainment amphitheatre located in the heart of the city surrounded by the City Botanic Gardens. The grassed amphitheatre can accommodate up to 9000 patrons (Riverstage, 2010). Synchronously, this inaugural rock concert can also be considered as a tentative of future nationwide tour in Australia.

2. Marketing Objectives
Marketing objectives are defined as what the organization is trying to achieve through its marketing activities during a specified period (Schwarz & Hunter, 2008). To launch a prosperous campaign, any objectives set should be SMART, defined in terms of being: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-framed (Yull, 2009). In this study, our overall goal is to promote a successful concert through a two-month, ongoing communication campaign. Ultimately, meeting marketing objectives should lead to sales, market share, competitive position, and customer actions desired. 2.1 Sales Objectives

Since concert is one of the important forms of events, any other kind of event like exhibitions, festivals and community events will affect the enthusiasm of our target audiences. Hence, it is difficult to calculate and predict market share in such a complex market background. Consequently, it is the most intuitive approach to estimate ticket sales, which is a significant part of marketing objectives. We expect more than 8,000 people attended the concert since we will use an outside venue with 9,000 seats. It means this concert will have a “sell-through rate” of around 90% with 8,100 ticket sales. To achieve this sales objective effectively, we also make the following auxiliary objectives: * Increase the awareness of this inaugural rock concert among the target audience by 20% in the next two months. * Inform target audience about features and benefits of this rock concert, leading to a stable increase in ticket sales. * Decrease or remove potential customers’ resistance to buying the tickets and attending the concert. 2.2 Competitive Position

Although this December is one of the busiest periods to hold an event, we still position Tokio Hotel’s inaugural rock concert as a market leader compared with other popular activities. We aim to gem a competitive position by strengthening the uniqueness of...
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