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Topics: Apple Inc., IPod Touch, IPhone Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Marketing Communication
Individual Assignment
IPod touch 5 is the latest IPod from Apple. IPod touch 5 is a portable music and video player. It release in 23rd October 2012. Apart from portable music and video player, it can also be a handheld game console and personal digital assistant. Its design and operation system is similar from Apple’s IPhone5. The main different between the IPod touch 5 and IPhone5 is IPod touch 5 cannot use as a telephone. Users can directly buy and download apps from Apple’s App Store. The IPod touch5 has six different colors. They are red, pink, blue, yellow white and black. The operation system of IPod touch5 is Apple’s Unix-based IOS operating system. It has two different storage capacities. They are 32 or 64GB flash memory. Buyers could only choose these two versions. It has 512MB, so it can run the system without lag. IPod touch has a 4-inch Retina display and the camera has upgrade to 1080p. Users can enjoy more high quality music and HD video in the perfect widescreen of IPod touch5. The camera shoots 1080p HD video and the front camera boots up than previous version. The IPod touch uses Dual-core A5 clip. It provides double processing power and seven times faster than the previous generation. A5 clip not only boost up the processing power, also boost up the battery life. It can play music up to 40 hours or play 8 hours video on a single charge. IPod touch is being one of the popular gaming devices in the world. It features 800000 apps and over 100000 games are provided. Users can enjoy different apps on the IPod touch. It costs HKD2280 for 32GB version and costs HKD3088 for 64GB version.

I always emphasis fun, exciting and security these value in my life. When I choose a product to buy, I always consider whether the product fulfill my personal value. IPod touch 5 fulfills my personal value so that I buy it rather than other brands. The slogan for promoting IPod touch 5 is “Engineered for maximum funness”. IPod touch...
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