Marketing Communication 2nd Mid Term Exam

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II midterm exam marketing communications 401

2. Executional framework, for communicating to Saudi consumers which elements of this framework will be more effective and why?

There are 7 methods in the executional framework for communicating to customers: 1. Animation.
2. Slice-of-life.
3. Testimonial.
4. Authoritative.
5. Demonstration.
6. Fantasy.
7. Informative.

Of course, there is no single communication method that will work on everyone. Even as a Saudi, I can’t speak for everyone. So we can choose the ones we think will be more effective in the Saudi culture.

I believe that the most effective communication methods for the Saudi culture are: Slice of life, Authoritative, and Demonstrative. Because in Slice of Life the customer can see what is the problem and how to encounter and solve it. In the Authoritative methods, toothpaste Ads are very popular, we always see dentists talking about how useful this or that toothpaste is for sensitive gums and so on. Finally, the demonstrative method is very useful because it shows how the product is used and how it can benefit the customer.

3 criteria in choosing Advertising Agency, if you are the CEO of a company what is the most important criteria you will look in selecting advertising agency.

There are many criteria in choosing an advertisement agency. Some of these criteria are: Size of the agency, experience of the agency, Creative reputation and capabilities, Production capabilities, Media purchasing capabilities, and other services available.

As the CEO of my company, I have to study and see what does my company needs regarding Ads. I'll have to specify a budget to this Ad agency. Also, I can see what agencies my competitors are dealing with and the strengths and weaknesses of them.

Mainly, I'll focus on the Media purchasing capabilities criteria in choosing my Ad agency. I think my company will have more options this way. For example, there are Billboards, TV,...
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