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【Executive Summary】There are a rang of media and methods can be used in a company's marketing communications activities, such as TV commercials, magazines and billboards. In this report, A2 milk has been targeted to analysis how successful its marketing communications are. Firstly, an introduction of A2 milk, including product background and consumer needs fulfilled, will be given. Furthermore a description of what A2 milk has attempted will be discussed. The market segment and target consumers are also descripted based on different flavors, packages and price. Then, this report focuses on the audit of A2 milk's three marketing media individually, which are Television advertisement, Magazines advertising and Out-of-home advertising. In this part, weaknesses and wtrengths of those marketing medias will be analyzed critically. At the end of this report, it is pinpointed that although each media has its own limitations to achieve customers, A2 Milk has successfully raised the awareness of the public especially explained the differences between A1 milk and A2 milk.

1. Description of A2 milk
1.1. The background of A2
There has been a growing trend for people to focus on day-to-day health and people are more willing to purchase organic and healthy food. In this context, A2 Milk received more and more attention and favor. A2 Milk is pure dairy milk, completely natural, permeate and additive free, which is why it tastes so refreshing (Food Intolerance Network 2013). The reason for the company being named A2 is that there are two main forms of the important protein beta-casein found in the cow’s milk that you drink (A2 milk home page 2013). These two forms are known as a1 and a2 beta-casein. The a2 form of beta-casein has been identified by scientific research to be the original form of beta-casein that would have been produced by cows thousands of years ago. At some point in history, the a1 form appeared in dairy cows and became the common form of beta-casein in many breeds of cows (Diary farmer 2011). Many studies support that the milk contains a2 beta-casein protein is healthier and may assist with your digestive wellbeing. The objective of the A2 Company is to produce the original milk protein rather than common milk. A2 Company comes from cows specially selected to produce a2 beta-casein protein rather than cows that produce milk containing the a1 beta- casein protein sold widely in the marketplace. This report is going to talk about how A2 Milk Company fulfills customers’ needs and what has been attempted. Next it identifies the market segmentation and target market of A2. Also three types of media were used to communicate with their customers, which are television, magazine and out-of-home advertising. This report talks about the strength and weaknesses of these media types, and how they effectively influence customers purchasing behaviors. Finally, the essay gives marketing recommendations and a conclusion.

1.2. The needs A2 milk fulfilled
A2 milk brings many health benefits to their customers. Firstly, A2 milk is better for allergies that fulfill customers who have gut, skin rashes, hay fever and cough. There is also research to suggest that a1 beta-casein may be associated with serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes type 1 and autism (Truswell 2005). Secondly, A2 milk satisfies the need of consumers on the organic food, because some reference group people only looking for organic food when they purchase food. Thirdly, for long-term health, A2 milk can provide more nutrition to us and it is more suitable for our body to absorb. Also A2 milk can help us keep distance from disease (Truswell 2005). Fourthly, A2 milk meets the requirement of people pursue health, every people need taste good and health food in the family especially good for children health.

2. A2 milk attempts
A2 milk starts to educate people the advantages about A2 milk than common one and A2 milk...
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