Marketing Channels on Tesco Thailand

Topics: Marketing, Tesco, Retailing Pages: 4 (1325 words) Published: December 4, 2010
Managing Distribution and Marketing Channel: TESCO Lotus This essay is to written in to express my opinion on group 4 presentation on Tesco Lotus marketing channel and further analyze the marketing channels in more details. Tesco Lotus has undoubtedly changed the way people in Thailand goes to supermarket since it entered Thailand in 1998 and now has over 380 Stores as part of a joint venture with CP Group. Consumer Marketing Channels Tesco Lotus in Thailand uses 1 level of consumer marketing channels as they themselves act as retailer. The suppliers would have to refill their inventory at Tesco Lotus Distribution centers which is placed across the country and Tesco will distribute the goods to each branch themselves. In order to serve the customers better by minimizing out of stock time and more Tesco Branches efficient and cost effective, Tesco Lotus divides the goods into 3 (Act as retailers) categories: Fast moving goods, Average moving goods, Slow moving goods. They categorize their products by dividing each of them into one of these categories and therefore, fast moving goods such as grocery, can be delivered fresh and never run out Consumers of stock everyday, whereas slow moving goods, such as furniture only needs to be re-stock every week, rather than everyday. Tesco Lotus distribution system is managed by themselves and therefore it is also their advantage over their rival, Big C, who uses DHL as their distributor. Tesco Lotus can control their own distribution system and the distribution cost. The example is presented during the presentation which is using Bio-diesel for all Tesco Lotus distribution trucks which can save a lot of transportation cost. Types of Store Tesco Lotus operates in various types and sizes of store. Thereʼre 6 types of store sizes. 1. Hypermarket, 2. Tesco Lotus Valued, 3. Talard Lotus, 4. Tesco Lotus Express, 5. Plus shopping mall, 6. Community Mall. The hypermarket is the full size store with the most assortments and products,...
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