Marketing Case Study Weight Watchers Versus Jenny Craig

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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1.I will use all of the consumer decision process. This is a high-involvement purchase. Need recognition: I will find i am heavier than before and i need to lose some weight and go on a diet. So I will need a diet programs. Information search: I will think of the diet program i have already known about, search on the internet and see the other diet program, try to find a suitable one. Alternative evaluation: I will visit the companies which offer these diet program, and compare them in the price, the average weight the dieters lose,the time spent ,the risk,and the examples and the data of success they have already have. I will search them online to see the assessment others gave them. Purchase decision: I will attend one of the diet program

Post purchase: I will have a judgement on the program and write some assessment online. I will keep going with this diet program or change to another one. 2.Weight Watchers: Organize the weekly group sessions and the meetings which is found to be the most helpful way to help dieters. Deliver the ideas about the measuring and weighing foods for porting control or eat out. Give members the freedom to prepare their own food. Provide some products that help with portions control and healthy habits. Jenny Craig: Provide unique and comprehensive plan for food, body and mind. Provide all food for members. Save members time from preparing the food. Personal counselors serve members weekly. Offer customized programs for men and teenagers and for those who prefer to lose weight on their own. 3.The determinant attributes for the Weight Watchers’: freedom to eat, half-hour meeting, offering weight watcher products, new technology support for dieters. The determinant attributes for the Jenny Craig : saving time from meal preparation, special customized programs for men Compensatory purchasing model for attending the lose weight program | |Customized program |Freedom to eat what...
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