Marketing Case Study on Nixon

Topics: Marketing, Watch, Pocket watch Pages: 25 (6117 words) Published: October 28, 2012
PART 1: Introduction


In an age when cell phones and mp3 players display tiny quartz clocks, the mechanical

wristwatch has slowly become less of an object of function and more a piece of modern culture, for

both men and women. However, this was not always the case. Less than 100 years ago, no self-

respecting gentleman would be caught dead wearing a wristwatch. In those days of yore, real men

carried pocket watches, with a gold half-hunter being the preferred status symbol of the time—no pun

intended. It wasn't until the late 1800's when soldiers discovered their usefulness during wartime

situations. Pocket watches were clumsy to carry and thus difficult to operate while in combat.

Therefore, soldiers fitted them into primitive “cupped” leather straps so they could be worn on the

wrist, thereby freeing up their hands during battle. Nixon watches are a fairly new yet still strong

competitor within the watch market today. With watches in today's market having the use as both a

standard functional item, as well as accessory there is plenty of room for competition among

corporations. (Add in Nixon type info and condense facts. Describe brand and emphasize unique or

innovative features)

Nixon watches were founded in 1997 in California and quickly earned a reputation as the premium watch and accessories brand for the youth market. Focused on making the little stuff better, Nixon began with a small line of watches, in the early days each watch was custom-built and sold exclusively in specialty board-sport and fashion retailers. From humble beginnings Nixon has grown massively and is now sold across the globe.

The Nixon surf, skate and snowboard team all have input into the watch designs which the company so loving crafts. The design team then take this and draw influence from the world of sport, music and art and create some very cool watches.

PART 2: Marketing Environmental Analysis

1. Macro-environmental Analysis

In terms of watches, with improvements in technology the usage of clocks on numerous devices makes it loose its practicality. The main examples that people turn to today are phones, ipods and computers. These devices are also conveniently portable, making it easy to access the time at any point in the day, or even while operating one of the devices. These improvements have made knowing the time more of a secondary benefit to consumers rather than it being a primary benefit in a watch. The usage of these other technological devices is considered a threat and having a negative impact on the market because consumers are less likely to buy a watch when they have the time at their fingertips with other devices. Cultural *

In terms of cultural influences, watches are generally chosen to suit each persons individual style. With regards to the technological influences, watches are now considered more of an accessory than a necessity. Millenias are starting to use watches to accentuate an outfit, as opposed to buying them strictly for the sake of having easy access to time. This would be considered an opportunity because people will be willing to purchase watches to wear on a day-to-day basis or even on special occasions. Demographic

Watches can be linked to people in terms of occupation, age and gender. In terms of occupation, watches can be status symbols. People of very prestigious positions will wear a more high end and expensive watch than someone who is a general employee. Age has an influence because with age come trends. A 13 year old may want a colorful watch or a sports watch, where as a 19 or 20 year old may want something a little more classy and simple. Gender is a large factor in demographic because a girl may want a smaller watch with jewels, diamonds, and even brighter colors than that of a guy. These all lead to opportunities in the market for a wider range of target segments. Economic...
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