Marketing Case Study of Justice League

Topics: Video game, Marketing, PlayStation Pages: 5 (1728 words) Published: April 15, 2013
In 2013 early summer, the Justice League is going to launch a movie of superheroes; just two weeks after the movie, the video game of superheroes will be released by the Warner Brothers Entertainment through Sony Play station and Microsoft. I am one of the Warner Brothers Entertainment marketing department members and my group is working on the video games project.

1. Framework of Market Segmentation and target marketing
In the video games project, we take geographic segmentation as the most import part to consider; especially for the location of delivery. The video games can only run by Sony Play station or Microsoft Xbox consoles, which are considered as one of those high technology products. Following with the areas which Sony Play station or Xbox consoles are sold; the video game project mainly focus mainly on urban areas or international cities in Asia, North America, Europe and Latin America. For Demographic segmentation, we only consider age. According to the project, one video game is prepared for young children under 12. Another game is prepare for teenage; we can also employ positive images and appeals of the superheroes games to mature consumers according to Kotler Philip and Gary Armstrong (2012), we have to guard against stereotypes when consider age segmentation. Even adult may want to play video games with their kids at home. Kotler Philip and Gary Armstrong also state that a neglected gender segment can offer new opportunities in consumer electronic market. When the games are categorized as action adventure, besides targeting a video game market of male, we also hope that woman can enjoy the excitement with the game. Then, we can offer the product to more target customers. Educational level, occupation, social class, ethnicity and income are not important to be analyzed within this project when kids and teenagers are our target audience. According to Kotler Philip and Gary Armstrong(2012) children may have strong influence on family buying decision. Even children don’t have income or education background yet; they can still ask family members to buy for them. In Behavioral Segmentation, we target on the existing customers as our potential customers. During to the fact that these two video games already the 3th editions, those existing customers had tried our previous video game edition before. Kotler Philip and Gary Armstrong stress that the straight rebuy situation let the customer recorder the product without further modification. This would help us reduce cost and risk on collecting information and become more profitable. We choose differentiated marketing strategy in our project because we had two different video games decided for children and youngsters. The game for children would be base on family fun and learning purpose while the game for youngsters would be decided on the idea of experiencing excitement and controlling of their own destiny. For example, up to 5 people can play in the children video game together, some characters will be more challenging and parents can choose it; the children game also provide more parts to train children’s intelligence quotient. In game for youngsters, there is only one partner to be chosen in the partner system; enable youngsters have their own choose more individually. When customers have different nationalities, we provide the video games with different languages versions including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish so that the players can understand the stories in the games better and enjoy the excitement more.

2. Marketing Communication Mix
Video games are shopping product which we take higher involvement on comparing the products. For example, we have a desire to have home entertainment i.e. buying a video game after having Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. There are so many different video games available on the market; consumer may look for more information about the superheroes before choosing it. Sales promotion

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