Marketing Case Study: Accenture

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Byron Hernandez
September 5, 2012, 2012
Module 5 – Activity 5.6

CASE STUDY: Accenture

1. How did Accenture transfer the brand equity from its original name, Andersen Consulting, to the new company name?

The way that Accenture transferred brand equity from its original name to the new company name was by specially branding the new one, and looking at a new name as a fresh start, re-introducing itself to its customers, and the world. With a new name, this allows them to start fresh without the backdrop of a history, and especially since the name was created by one of its employee’s, they took a big risk in going with a ‘made-up’ name, which after extensive research and implementing important decisions, seems to have paid off very well for the company, both literally and figuratively. What they did was effectively transfer their new idea to customers, all the same time implanting their marketing strategy. An example of this was while advertising in the newspaper, and an anticipated ‘new’ beginning at the start of the following year with a clipping on the bottom corner of their pages. Accenture used advertisement wisely as well as carefully identified the four characteristics that have an affect the marketing service. The divorce from Anderson ended up being a good thing for Accenture.

2. Evaluate the Accenture brand name using the six criteria detailed in the chapter. There are six different criteria that are detailed in this chapter that can be used to evaluate the Accenture brand. The first one says that it should suggest something about the product’s benefits and qualities. For this particular example, Accenture is clear on that. The word is a combination of accent and future. They wanted to re-invent themselves, market a new name, while keeping the companies values for what they really were, and what separated themselves from their parent company. Having an accented future, or perhaps having an accent and a future...
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