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  • Published : October 15, 2007
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Burton Snowboards: Building a Sport

California State University, Los Angeles
Principals of Marketing: MKT 500
Dr. Iksuk Kim
Fall Quarter 2007

Arredondo, Belen
Enriquez-Marquez, Martin
Fuentes, William
Hung, Sheng – Hsiung
Wei, Dan

1) The environmental forces influencing the snowboarding industry are:
Winter Sports declining
Alpine Skiers199310.6 million4.6% USA
Alpine Skiers20036.3 million2.6% USA
•80% participants were under 24 years old, median age 15.7 years, 74+% male •Y Generation – 72 Million

•30% of ski passes are snowboarding passes
•Ski lodges losing 1/3 of market share
•Price range for equipment $300 - $800
•Affluent Caucasian market

•Innovative sleek designs

•Lamar 7%

•Lobbying ski resorts for more access to ski slopes

2) The differences in marketing goals for Burton Snowboarding in both
(a) Its early years while developing the industry:
Become sole/leading supplier of Snowboards
Introduce the sport of Snowboarding
Lobby ski resorts to allow Snowboarders on their slopes Maximize profits
Profit Responsibility

(b) Today with growing competition:
Stakeholder responsibility
Societal responsibility
Ads in Snowboarder and Transworld SNOWboarding Magazines Sponsor Athletes: Global Team (17), Kelly Clark, Chris Klug and Ross Powers Innovative sleek designs
Advertise to younger crowd
Retaining original customers happy (baby boomers)
Additional merchandise such as clothing and pipe boards

3) The marketing mix we would recommend for Burton given the changes occurring in the snowboarding marketplace is: Product
•Offer an innovative, sleek designed product that appeals to everyone individually...
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