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NEXT PLC Marketing Campaign|

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Methodology
The purpose of this report is to identify the consumer market targeted by the chosen campaign, analyse the message that has been encoded and the reaction of the consumers, and compare the campaign against the approach taken by competitors and other brands. The goal of the research is to identify the channels of feedback that the chosen company will use to evaluate the success or unsuccessfulness of the campaign.

2.0 Brand – NEXT PLC
2.1 The Chosen Brand and Campaign
The campaign chosen is NEXT’s ‘order by 9pm for next day delivery’ television advertisement. This delivery service was introduced in the year 2000 for standard orders that were placed before 5pm with the NEXT directory. However, in the last decade, the delivery service has become more efficient with NEXT increasing the time to order by 9pm instead of the earlier time of 5pm. The reason for choosing this brand/campaign is that it is extremely interesting how NEXT can get the products from warehouse to consumer within 24 hours. 2.2 Company History

The company NEXT was founded in 1982 with the first store opening with an exclusive range of stylish clothing, shoes and accessories for women. Quickly following, collections for men, children and home ware products were soon to be found in store. Clothing at NEXT is styled by their in-house design team who offer great style, quality and value for money garments with that contemporary fashion edge. NEXT launched a mail order operation in 1988, a handbook containing pages of fashion, the blueprint for catalogue retailing. At NEXT, online shopping was introduced in early 1999 with the directory becoming available to shop from the comfort of your own home on the internet. The online directory now serves in over 50 countries outside of the United Kingdom through its worldwide website, Continuing to improve its customer service, NEXT introduces new initiatives such as next day delivery for orders placed before a stated time in order to receive products the next day. 2.3 Fashion Market Sector

NEXT is one of the leading high street retailers. They are part of the fashion market where most consumers will purchase their clothing from. It is a mass market retailer that supplies good quality, fashionable clothing at affordable prices.

2.4 Competitors
NEXT PLC has two different types of retail competitors, high street stores and department stores. Retailers such as H&M, Zara and Gap are the type of stores that can be found on the high street. All three of these stores offer womenswear, menswear and childrenswear. These stores all have a similar cliental to NEXT as they have similar products and price ranges. However, department stores such Debenhams and Marks & Spencer’s are NEXT’s competitors as both these stores offer home ware as well as fashion products. These stores are ‘lifestyle stores’ as they are a place the consumer can get all the products they desire under one roof, an area which NEXT is trying direct themselves in to rather than just being a high street retailer.

3.0 Target Consumer
3.1 NEXT’s Target Consumer
According to NEXT PLC (2012: online) “We target an age range between 20 and 46, with a focus on the 25-35 age group, our product range features high-quality, contemporary but trendy styling, priced at levels affordable to the company's targeted middle-class market.” This indicates what age range NEXT targets, however the ‘order by 9pm for next day delivery’ campaign demonstrates that NEXT are trying to target a different type of consumer.

3.1.1 Campaign Target Consumer
Having a busy work schedule can sometimes make it impossible for people to reach high street stores before their closing time. With NEXT introducing their ‘order by 9pm for next day delivery’ service they are trying to target these types of...
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