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Marketing at Berkeley-Haas
Contact: Marketing Group, Haas School of Business University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California 94720-1900 Group Chair: Teck-Hua Ho,

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at Berkeley-Haas

Teck-Hua Ho

William Halford, Jr., Family Chair in Marketing Director, Asia Business Center Currently serving as chair of the Berkeley-Haas marketing group, Teck-Hua Ho recently received the highest teaching honor the UC Berkeley campus bestows— the 2010 Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award. Ho teaches Strategic Pricing, an extremely popular MBA elective, and serves as director of the Asia Business Center and faculty director of several executive education programs. Students credit his success as a teacher to his deep knowledge, enthusiasm, and hands-on approach.

“The Berkeley-Haas marketing group is widely recognized for its capability to create cutting-edge knowledge and new theories in the marketing field, as well as related fields such as economics and psychology. “Pricing is a subject I find intellectually fascinating. It is a joy to be able to teach my own research to bright Berkeley students whose questions often probe me to think deeper about the subject and provide new research ideas. “My vision is to have students leave my class with the ability to think strategically about pricing and with the practical tools they need for their future careers. I also want to make learning fun so that students love the subject and see its relevance in practice.”

Haas School of Business Marketing

At the Cutting-Edge of Marketing
With a long history of success in producing quality research and forward-thinking leaders, marketing at the Haas School of Business is defined by a unique approach, a superb faculty, and innovative teaching. Our approach to marketing is not simply functional—it is an essential driver of strategy and growth. Our faculty and students embrace the idea that every significant decision an organization will face in the new economy is in some way a marketing decision. Berkeley-Haas faculty are at the forefront of behavioral and quantitative marketing theory, producing leading research and preparing students for a broad array of marketing and management positions. In fact, the Haas School ranks among the top marketing schools in the world, with an annual average of more than 20 percent of full-time Berkeley MBA students working in marketing roles after graduation. Drawing from and leveraging the school’s core values, the marketing curriculum is defined by three distinct characteristics: • Strategic—At Berkeley-Haas, marketing moves beyond tools and techniques—it is a pivotal driver of growth. It is focused on understanding how a firm’s strategy aligns with marketing strategy, and how marketing can help firms meet challenges and be better positioned for what comes next. • Quantitative—As the marketing field evolves from a historically observational, gut-level approach to a data-driven driver of a firm’s strategy, Berkeley-Haas is at the forefront of quantitative research and tools. • Innovative—Inherently linked to the cutting-edge environment of Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley-Haas professors and students are forward-thinking and interested in determining how marketing can better serve traditional and new economy firms as they evolve their financial models to meet tomorrow’s business needs. Marketing at Berkeley-Haas is shaped by the school’s unique culture. Haas leaders—students, faculty, and staff—embody confidence without attitude, challenge the status quo, learn as students always, and think beyond themselves. This unique approach has given Berkeley-Haas a strong track record of thought leadership in the marketing field, and its graduates have secured top positions in cutting-edge industries across the world....
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