Marketing- Branding with Taglines

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Tag that Market – Branding with taglines
June 6, 2012 By Prerana Majumdar

A tagline is a short set of words that companies use to associate with their company or brand. A tagline is an important part of branding. It can be your best brand communication tool, if done right. What Taglines Do

Good taglines perform three important functions for a brand
1. They cut through marketing clutter and communicate your brand promise in a sticky, memorable way. 2. They are an accountability tool in that they remind you of your own brand promise. 3. They are the customers’ indicator of a future experience. Today taglines have become a successful way by which companies are easily grabbing the attention of these target customers (prospects as they’re commonly known!). Nike’s Just do it has created wonders for the company not only in terms of the revenue that it has exponentially generated but it has also successfully increased its brand equity. Similarly, there is Wii would like to play by Nintendo Wii. A beautiful tagline that is simple to memorize; a statement which is used by children on a daily basis (only with a different meaning to it now!) To think of it, taglines have now become a part of our conversations, be it the “Surf Excel Hai Na!”, or the famous “ I love you Rasna” ( one tagline that was famous even after the commercial went off air). Basically what Marketers are doing here is that they are trying to make the product not only available, but also drilling the USP of the product ( take the example of MRF – Tyres with Muscle) in the customers mind. Then again, there are Taglines are an effective tool for a healthy rivalry between competitors. For instance, when The Hindu was launched, in order for it to combat and also capture the strong market of the Times group, it simply launched itself with the tagline “Stay ahead of the Times”. A strategy that helped the company rope in quite a good amount of readers who were loyal towards other newspapers. Tagline...
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