Marketing Bmw Case Study

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  • Published : March 28, 2011
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BMW Case Study
1) BMW has a set product life cycle for its cars and models. They have a seven-year life cycle for most to all of there vehicles. The figure 11-1 shows the product life cycle, as it is introduced then growth then maturity and last decline. Unlike BMW in its final years before it redoes its car the last two years are the best years of sales for its cars before they are redone. The difference is that most other car companies their cars start to decline ad the last few years and there sales drop. That is what makes BMW different from the rest of the auto industry. 2) BMW has set strategies for each individual car model that they make. The BMW 3 series for example comes out with their new model and it’s a sedan. The following year they come out with a coupe and then each year after some new like a convertible, station wagon and sport hatchback. For the X5 they would come out with different engine sizes and new and improved options from the previous year. And what they do for all the vehicles is improve them and better them from year to year so that they are always different. 3) BMW has many different ways to manage there product life cycle. Each year they introduce a new car in that model base. Which is keeps the product life fresh for the five at the seven years of its life cycle. They use many different ways to advertising their products. BMW’s website is the best in the auto industry, there in many films and have done films of there own. 4) BMW try’s to make it as easy as possible to understand their vehicles and the difference between each model. The example from the text is the 328. The 3 tell you that it is a 3 series model and the 28 stands for the 2.8 liters in size. Then they have the letters M, Z, and X. The M stands for motor sport, which is BMW high performance cars the Z for its roadsters, and the X for is sports activity vehicle. They also like to stay very simple in their car names for example X5, M3, or Z4 so that...
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