Marketing Audit Essay

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The focus of this report would be to assess the marketing activities of SONY Corporation, focusing on one of its particular product which is the Playstation Portable, which is also known as PSP for short. Although SONY had released various versions of the PSP, however, our main focus would be on the original version of the PSP and also some emphasis would be given to PSP Go, to elaborate on the current product that SONY is promoting. Through this analysis, we hope to discover whether SONY has adopted the appropriate strategies and analytical thinking in their marketing techniques to promote their product to their target markets.


Portable media industry

Portable gaming consoles have been in kids' hands for more than 20 years in the United States and nearly 30 years in Japan (Pikover, 2009). Now, in Singapore, these consoles have also been popular. However, the difference between Singapore and these other two countries is that these consoles are not only meant for kids. Based on our observation, adults too have been using these consoles, particularly during long journeys while they are taking public transportation. However, one thing that varies is the kind of console that they used. This could be seen through the different demographic data. For instance, women and children seem to favor using the Nintendo DS while on the other hand, most men seem to favor using the PSP instead. Beginning from the first launch for the Nintendo's Game Boy in 1989, many competitors have been trying to break the market share that had been captured by Nintendo. Unfortunately, many had failed in their attempts. However, the playing field has since been changed to suit the demands of the economy. For the past five years, SONY's PlayStation Portable (PSP) has been its one sole competitor. To boost up their individual’s sales, both SONY and Nintendo have released multiple models of the PSP and DS, respectively. Also, recently, Apple has also proved themselves as a threat to the oligopoly that had been formed by these two large firms.

SONY Corporation

It was founded in 7 May 1946 and its headquarters is located at Tokyo Japan. SONY has its focus on its major products such as audio, video, televisions, information and communications, semi conductors and electronic components. More information of details of its products can be found in Appendix C. However, SONY does not have a mission statement and, up until a few years ago, founders Ibuka Masaru and Morita Akio were the company's living mission statement. At SONY's 50th Anniversary (1996) the now Chairman and CEO, Idei Nobuyuki, presented the "SONY Spirit." The "SONY Spirit" consists of four words that further heighten SONY's greatest asset, the SONY brand name, they are:

• Unique- Offer uniqueness by continuously creating new things and always striving to create expectation. • Quality- Make product quality the major premise in the pursuit of that uniqueness. • Speed- Ensure that decisions are made and actions taken quickly in spite of the large size of the company. • Cost- Offer cost competitiveness while retaining excellence.

Industry analysis


Technology is the application of science to convert the resources of an economy to output. The technological environment affects marketing in two ways- new products and new processes. The rapid pace of technological change opens up new opportunities for companies such as SONY. It is easy for a company to slip into a production orientation in the flush of excitement that follows a new discovery in a research and development (R&D) laboratory. However, it is vitally important for marketing thinking to guide the production process. And this needs to begin with decisions about where basic R&D efforts should be focused (Mccarthy, Mcgiggan, Perreault, Quester, 2007, p. 93).

SONY's R&D mission can be described as "Technology for Inspiration and Shared Experience." The framework for the...
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