Marketing Audit/Analysis of the Marketing Strategy Paper

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Octave Rabet BSNS 6350 marketing audit/analysis of the marketing strategy Paper

Each student will conduct a marketing audit/analysis of the marketing strategy of an actual firm. Ideally, this will be for a firm that you are working for in your internship/co-op. If this is not possible, the student must propose a firm to the instructor and get approval. The paper should be written from the perspective of an internal analysis to be submitted for consideration by management. As such, it is your job to sell your strategy. Papers submitted should be no more than ten pages long, double spaced with 12 point font.

a. A marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic and independent examination of a unit’s marketing environment, objectives, strategies and activities with a view of determining how marketing efforts can be improved. You are to complete your analysis and report of no more than ten pages. Present your work in a fashion that you would be able to share with internal constituency. The audience for the paper is your boss.

b. The paper should include the following elements:
1. Establishment of a marketing objective
2. Analysis of the situation around the need for marketing action 3. Development of appropriate recommendations
4. Establishment of an action plan to implement the recommendations.

As appropriate, the items to consider include:
What is the unit’s marketing philosophy? Does it have a market driven culture? What are the implications of this practice? Should it be changed? How would you go about changing the culture of marketing in the unit? •Who is the customer and what is the primary need that is being served? •What is the environment shaping the context for the need, the product or service? •Does the unit have a competitive advantage? What is the basis of advantage? What capabilities are present? •What is the marketing strategy?...
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