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Marketing at McDonald's
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McDonald's Marketing Segment and Target, Conclusion Introduction, McDonald's Communication Strategies S.W.O.T. Analysis, Pricing Strategies and Product Strategies

Prepared for Dr. Abu Bakar bin Abdul Hamid

April 2011

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Brief History of McDonald's McDonald is a well-established and globally recognized fast food restaurant. McDonald's, or sometimes "McD", has been the people's choice for last seven decades, especially among all its targeted people or customers regardless of age boundary. The two main people who introduced the concept of McDonald's were Mr. Dick and Mr. Mac McDonald from Manchester. They first introduced this concept in San Bernardino, California on 15 May 1940 but this concept was transformed into McDonald's Corporation on 15 April 1955. McDonald's Corporation’s founder was Mr. Ray Kroc, one of the business partners in McDonald's who later bought out the business interests of the McDonald brother’s initial concept. Ray Kroc modified the concept towards reaching more customers and successfully spread the wings of their outlets in U.S.A. and the rest of the world. 1.2 Current information on McDonald's McDonald's has more than 32,000 outlets worldwide serving its entire customer with standardized processes. McDonald's current main menu includes burgers, French Fries, fried chicken, soft drinks, coffee, milkshakes, salads, breakfasts, and desserts. The current Chairman and C.E.O. of McDonald's is Mr. James A. Skinner. McDonald is a fast food restaurant which is gradually compromising all the needs of customers by serving them beyond their expectation because of their solid and deliverable marketing strategies. 1.3 McDonald's Marketing Direction and Objectives The three main phases in marketing are: 1) identifying customers, 2) rapid development of products and 3) effective communication with customers, which are cleverly and completely handled by the McDonald’s marketers. The main marketing objectives of McDonald's are: (a) to increase its market size globally and locally, (b) to serve customers not only in metropolitan areas but also in cities and towns, (c) to minimize the loss of market opportunities to their competitors, (d) to create awareness about the existence and introduction of new McDonald's products, (e) to provide a wide variety of foods to meet the different choices of customers, (f) to collect customers' feedback to upgrade McDonald's menus to meet their needs and taste, (g) to enforce healthy food habits among customers, (h) to align itself with the social and environmental responsibility issues when producing and promoting a product. Finally, McDonald’s marketers clarify that they are more concerned about quality of their products and services rather than competing the market with quantity based on outlets in the current fast food marketing world. McDonald's is a "one of its kinds" restaurant which provides a complete package of services and products to its respective customers and is performing well in all the marketing phases compared to other of its competitors. “Go First, Go Big” is one of the strong marketing strategies of McDonald to grab the market and meet the customers demand without delay.

Chapter 2 McDonald's Market Segment and Target
2.1 McDonald's Target Market Market research of McDonald's has identified different types of customers where these are main key customers of McDonald. McDonald's focuses on four targets groups: (a) A parent or parents with children (b) Children (c) Business customers (d) Teenagers and young adults 2.1.1 A parent or parents with children McDonald’s were able to lure children and their Mums and Dads at alarming rates as...
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