Marketing Assignment: Location and Segmentation of Hotels.

Topics: Hotel chains, Hotel, Hotels Pages: 4 (1023 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The hotels that we are writing about are The Ritz Carlton Singapore, the Intercontinental Singapore Hotel and the Marriott Singapore. Our main hotel will be the Ritz Carlton Singapore. We chose the hotels as they pose as prominent hotels in Singapore and they are also known overseas as well. Although they are quite similar, there are also several differences that can be seen as well. They are also very distinct in branding, and value their brands very highly. All three hotels boast amenities and services that will cater to a majority of their customers. As well as an experience that they believe we will value as customers.

1. Target Audience (Segmentation)
2.1 Psychographic - The main target audience of The Ritz Carlton will be those who are earning above average income or the people in the market who are willing to splurge on a stay in one of their hotels. This is evident in their “Hotel information” (refer to appendix 1), they clearly state “our luxury accommodations”, and this gives us the impression that they are a luxury hotel, which in turn means they cost a considerable amount of money. This also means that their hotel provides more luxuries or amenities than the standard hotel, or a budget hotel. By having a “4,200 piece contemporary art collection” this gives us the impression that they are also catering to those who appreciate fine art. Normally the people who are in the lower working middle class or lower would not have the interest in this type of art as they believe it is not as important as their other interests such as providing for their household and do find it necessary to pay attention to such details. Other budget hotels may have art pieces as part of their decoration as well, however they do not need to invest so much money and get pricier paintings such as those from Frank Stella and Andy Warhol. 2.2 Behavior – They also segment the market in behavior, they particularly give out benefits such as technologically...
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