Marketing Assignment 2011- Perfume

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Sunderland Faculty of Business & Law Undergraduate Programmes MKT306 Marketing Strategy Assignment Monday 9th January 2012 – Individual Report Please read all instructions and information carefully. You are required to submit your work within the bounds of the University Infringement of Assessment Regulations. Your assignments must be submitted to your Study Centre in hard copy with an accurately and clearly completed Assignment Cover Sheet and an electronic copy on CD in an envelope, hole punched or safely secured into your plastic file or assignment wallet Please do not include the plastic CD case/box and remember to write your student code and assignment code clearly onto the disc and envelope. Hand-in Deadline: Word Count: Task This is an individual assignment as a single report in two parts. (As a guide only; each Monday 9th January 2012 2500 - 3000 + Appendices

part should form approximately half of the final report)
a) Investigation and analysis

Choose an individual brand or product line from either the producer and/or brand owner, who are involved in the marketing of perfume/fragrance/aftershave(s). This does not extend to deodorants, bubble baths, soaps, shower crèmes or any other toiletry line but may include products or brands at all levels. Investigate and evaluate their marketing strategy using contemporary marketing tools and techniques. This may be illuminated using examples from other companies/ organizations. You can demonstrate the effectiveness of the reported policies for the chosen company by giving performance data against competitors in the market (e.g. market share, sales, profitability, etc.). b) Recommendations Your remit is to put forward your own suggestions covering changes in marketing strategy that will improve the future performance of the brand/ product/ product line for the benefit of the parent company and its stakeholders. Justify your choices again using contemporary marketing methods and techniques. These suggestions...
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