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Tim Jorgensen
Marketing 202

Executive Summary5
Consumer Profile9
Decision-Making Process9
Problem Recognition9
Information Search9
Evaluation of Alternatives and Product Choice10
Purchase Situation and Post-Purchase10
Motivations and Means-End Analysis11
Reference Group15

Executive Summary
This report evaluates a consumer in regard to creating a new product the “Super Boot” to enter the market segment of the consumer interviewed. It contains details of the product created, as well as its attributes, features and information on the marketing mix in order for the product to be succesful in the market place. It contains information on the market segment of the consumer, as well as a consumer-profile which helped to identify how to approach promoting this product for consumption, as well as where best to sell the product and at what price. The new product “Super Boot” will be established after the reviewing of this report and will feature leather materials, a sexy and striking look and be light when wearing. The aim of this boot is to create a high quality product with sturdy materials, whilst keeping a light frame and making the boot in a range of colours to appeal to differing individuals in the market segment. Key objectives include:

* Releasing a vast range of different coloured boots to suit all styles * Making a high quality product will which last, and not deteriorate over time * Gaining a high-profile celebrity footballer to endorse the product, and help promote to a wider audience around the world. * Keep the product true to its values – a comfortable, lightweight boot that maintains a sleek and sexy look that consumers will enjoy. Considerations on how to create a niche in the global market for football boots is also included in the report.

Consumer Report
This company’s goal is to promote a new brand of football boot, and introduce it in to the market. In order to ensure our marketing is successful for this brand, we must have a vast understanding of our target market and the consumers within the market. From interviews we have gathered a profile of a consumer within our segment. This is vital information which can be used for the marketing mix in order to fully promote our new product successfully. Our new product is named “Super Boots.”

In this process, the marketing mix is implemented in order to discover what can enhance the image of the Super Boots to consumers. Key components that can create a positive response from consumers can include the Product, price, promotion and place of the product (Solomon and Charbonneau).

The design of the Super Boots will be very important because this is what will separate it from other football boots currently in the market. When designing the boot, we will have to consider several different factors – and on top of that what factors are more important to our target market, as we may have an opportunity cost should we choose on feature over another. We will have to consider what materials we will use to make the boot, with key emphasise on how the boots fit and feel to the consumer. No one wants to wear uncomfortable boots. Also, what type of sprigs that they will have, whether it be metal sprigs or moulded cleats on the base of the sole. Fitting size is extremely important as due to the nature of the game, injury could be caused by a boot that is too long, wide or simply not right for the consumer’s foot. Comfort can also fall under this barrier, as a boot that is uncomfortable can tread on a users mind, and can ultimately distract the player in a negative way. From these points – leather would appear to be the...
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