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Organisation: Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd (APBL) Product Marketed: Tiger Beer

1. Background and Marketing Strategies for Tiger Beer 1.1 Tiger Beer’s target audiences are young adults aged between 24 and 35 years old. 1

1.2 Tiger Beer was launch in 1932 in Singapore and was APBL’s flagship brand. From there, it began its expansion and as of today it has 35 breweries in 12 Asian countries and is available in 75 countries spread over America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and Oceania.

1.3 They key message of Tiger Beer has always been associated with “winning”. In the 80s, the communications revolved around “reward”. The advertisements then were associated with doing a heroic act and being rewarded for it with a Tiger Beer. Today, the element of “winning” is still lingering. The marketing team at Tiger Beer is more intent on getting the message across to their consumers in a livelier and tempting way.

1.4 Tiger Beer has used many strategies to market their products. This includes print advertisements in magazines and local newspapers with attractive slogans such as, “Enjoy winning”, “Good as gold around the world” and “Give that man a tiger”. Tiger Beer also markets its products through television advertisements and sponsorship deals. It has featured popular personalities such as Hollywood actress Jessica Alba and Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney and iconic referee Pierluigi Collina in its advertisements.

1.5 Tiger Beer’s latest marketing strategy is via new media. Tiger can now be found on Facebook, YouTube and its interactive website and blog are proof of their venture into new media.


Source – Tracking the Asian Giant, 1|P age


2. Microenvironment – Competitors

Back in the 80s, Tiger beer held up to 80% of the Singapore market. Its only main rival back then was Anchor Beer. But in today’s context, the target audience is constantly exposed to advertisements of different beers. Tiger has to compete with over 40 brands of beers available in the Singapore market with the closest rivals being Heineken, Anchor Beer, Baron’s Strong Brew and ABC Extra Stout. Since the consumers are exposed to so many brands in the market, it is essential that Tiger Beer builds brand loyalty with its consumers to ensure continued sales.

Tiger Beer has thus invested in sponsorships of the recently ended FIFA World cup 2010, the Barclays English Premier League football (past seasons and present), and sponsorship of Singapore’s National Football Team. This is likely due to the fact that football games and beer go hand-in-hand. This clearly shows that Tiger Beer has won a significant proportion of the footballwatching market over. For example, let us take into consideration, the Barclays English Premier League Football. During the pre-match discussions, half-time shows and post-game reviews, the viewers of these football matches are only exposed to the Tiger Beer ads as they are a captive audience. No other beer ads will appear as Tiger beer are the main sponsors. Furthermore, these advertisements make use of personalities who can be seen as role models or trend-setters by young adults. When a Wayne Rooney fan watches his idol rushing for a Tiger, and he she is constantly exposed to this ad, there is a high likelihood that he will reach for the brand the next time he wants to grab a beer.

Also, Tiger Beer has picked up over 40 internationally acclaimed awards, including the 1998 Brewing Industry National Awards, UK which is the equivalent of an Oscar’s award in the brewing industry.

2|P age


3. Macroenvironment - Cultural & Social Environment

In the past, there has been a reasonable amount of skepticism about the sale and use of alcoholic products...
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