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Topics: Marketing, Customer, Price Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: February 19, 2013
A weekly article:
Source: Fortune Magazine Online
Date: 22 January 2013
Title: “Samsung's road to global domination”
Marketing theme: Innovation in products, Target Market
No doubt about it, in recent years, the South Korean company has achieved a great of success in technology and especial in smart phone. But no one can imagine that one day Samsung has taken the No.01 brand in mobile market- the US- by storm from the strongest component- Apple. What is the factor played as a key to open the US market? What is behind Samsung record? We are now still looking for the final answers but in my opinion, the article written by Michal Lev-Ram would be figure out some important features. She admitted that: “Samsung's success to a combination of marketing swagger, innovation, operational prowess, and a marketplace hungry for an alternative…”

Take a glance into the diagram below:

Here are the 4 key factors played an important role and made the difference between Samsung and the components, including Apple- the 2nd ranking. The article told the details about the R&D and Innovation of Samsung. It is given the specific number and example. In other sides of marketing, we should estimate the Strategic Planning and Target Market.

What is the strategic planning of Samsung? What is the most striking feature of this campaign? Making a comparison between Samsung and Apple, the writer emphasized some important heading in their marketing. Firstly, about the price and production strategies; while Apple marks their famous brand-name by making unique product at high price (IPhone), Samsung diversified their products (25 products) with flexible cost. It means that consumers have more than one choice to consider and balance what they want and demand. Different from Apple, Samsung made everything from the smallest to the biggest, from chip to screen, thanks to this supply chain,...
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