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In the old days, most companies looked at market as a mass, and approached it in an unify way. Today, segment are becoming smaller and smaller so have to approach them differently using a kind of dialogue between marketers and consumers. Technology, growth of network, digital media attracted marketers attention and it helps them to approach segments differently in an unified way ; it also give power to consumer. As their power increased, consumers' behavior change and they want to be directly involve with the product, and to know every new launch as soon as possible. Whereas the changes is for the best for the consumers, the marketers seems to be the party under risk. Their behavior will change as the change of attitude of the consumer (who became less tolerant to advertising) : advertising is not sufficient anymore, and they will have to increase their skills to manage the variety of new marketing communication tools that appears. Indeed, to cope with the growing importance of integrated marketing communication they will have to reinvent themselves.

Question 1

The communication of the Autolib phenomenon is based on 4 points :

-the concept
The citizen is going to associate Autolib with Velib that has been in place since 2007 and has shown great success. From an environmental point of view, Autolib is an ecologic car that doesn't pollute the atmosphere because it is an electrical vehicle that permits to recycle the energy. Finally, it is easily recognised by its italian design.

-Attractive price
Autolib is an alternative to renting a car (although cheaper and faster) and to buying a car (without the need of purchasing insurance, fuel and maintenance)

3000 vehicles are available in Paris. Autolib is easy to use. We don't have to pass though the rent agency in order to borrow a car, they are in direct relation with the product.

The town hall of Paris is associated the the group Bollore, which is known all...
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