Marketing and Tupperware Brands Corporation

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1. Introduction
2.1 History of Tupperware1
2.2 Background of Tupperware1

2. Content
2.1 Tupperware Product Strategy 2 - 3
2.2 Tupperware Distribution Strategy 3 - 4
2.3 Tupperware Promotion Strategy 4 - 5
2.4 Tupperware Pricing Strategy 5 - 6
3. Recommendation
3.1 Tupperware Pricing Strategy 7 - 8 3.2 Tupperware Product Strategy 8 - 9
3.3 Tupperware Promotion Strategy9
3.4 Tupperware Distribution Strategy 10

4. Conclusion 11

5. References 12

1. Introduction
1.1 History of Tupperware
Tupperware Brands Corporation is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and started manages in 1946. It is continues to inspire people and win their life-long loyalty. Tupperware Brands Corporation which also called Tupperware parties has brought order to the modern home and kitchen by introducing a delightful range of storage systems and tackles. 1.2 Background

Tupperware Brands Corporation was found by Mr. Earl Silas Tupper who is an American. He developed plastic container used in household to contain food and keep it tight. Tupperware is included preparation, storage, containment and serving products for the kitchen and home. Tupperware Brands Corporation has expanded to almost 100 countries around the world under its ten brands Tupperware, Avroy Shlain, BeautiControl, Fuller Cosmetics, Nature care, Nutrimetics, Nuvo, Swissgarde, Tupperchef and Tupperclean. Tupperware Brands Corporation has more than 70 subsidiaries in the global, 15 sub factories, and more than 8000 products. Tupperware Brands Corporation is the biggest manufacturer of Home Furnishing in the world and a multi-brand, multi-category, direct sales company. It is top 500 companies in the world. The main product of Tupperware is plastic container. Tupperware offers the highest quality products with the best design features. Whether it is getting a good, hot meal in the table at the end of a busy day, bringing a nutritious lunch to work, or taking time to learn a new baking secret with children --- Everything can be done by Tupperware.

2.1 Product Strategy
Tupperware has been created products that make people’s live simple. It offers durable, unbreakable, odorless, nontoxic and safe products in areas of food storage, serving items, microwave cooking, re-heating, and many of other convenient kitchen’s tools and premium quality consumables. Tupperware’s product is also helping people in save our environment. Tupperware’s product is very useful for people to store, freeze, reheat and microwave. Tupperware have come out with many products but the most popular product in Malaysia is those for water storage. Workers are carrying a tumbler to workplace every day. Some of the tumbler with sling bag is very convenient to them. In addition, another type of Tupperware’s product is the jug, which is very popular to housewife. They used it to store boiled water for saving time to boil water again. Besides, another hot seller named “Freeze Mates” from Modular Mate Range, which can cope in high temperature to store food in the fringe against food becoming bad. Tupperware’s company has an idea to change the old-stylish of Tupperware’s product to a new look. They process in alternative ways and produce stylish product which is different in color and size. It is also won in worldwide awarded such as Industrial Design Excellence, Red-dot Awarded, and IF Seal Awarded. The most popular of that is variety of children’s dish sets. A special children’s line with colorful and fun design is very loving to children. Besides that, Tupperware’s product is also playing in space saving option. It is included some of the different size of boxes that allows one to store all of the pieces of cupboard place. Tupperware...
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