Marketing and Theme Park

Topics: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Marketing plan Pages: 5 (1462 words) Published: December 11, 2012
1.Discuss which kind of product this is (by some theoretical models)

This product is considered as a ‘service layer’, it means that we are talking about a set of intangible, inseparable, variable and perishable services. They must be always together in order to get profits and give to the customer the right and complete service.

This is a business product focus on its facilities and those facilities concern and affect the whole organization.

Accorder to the FCB model we come to two conclusions; first, going to a theme park is more a feeling than a thought, just because when you see the advertisement, you feel like going, you want to have fun, you don´t think you necessary have to do it and obviously your main reward is only related to entertainment and free time, which makes you feel good and all together causes a high involvement on you too, just because it is not a necessary good, you have to move to get it and what you put at risk is your money of course, but more than this, your free time and your expectations (risks related to feelings again)


2.What is an integrated communication campaign?
It is a marketing strategy constituted by various instruments of the communications mix. It is made like this because it causes a greater impact and therefore an increased demand by consumers. It is a necessary kind of marketing today. This kind of marketing is based on the use of several instruments simultaneously. -------------------------------------------------

Apart from this, an integrated communication campaign has to develop a three dimension view of the product, based on the position of the company, the brand and the tangible product (if it is not tangible, it will have to be translated into it, to develop this kind of marketing)

3.Why is integrated marketing communication so important?
Integrated Marketing Communication is and added value compared with the traditional marketing communication; it combines the different communication instruments in such way to reach a more customer-oriented, personalized and interactive result. With the mixture of the communication discipline it ensures a more clarified and coherence strong impact.

The basic difference between the integrated communication marketing from the traditional way is to unify all the communication functions and disciplines in a way to constitute a homogenous message; which help the company to reach the required target group by using a wide range of the different communication channels. As it mentioned in the Marketing Communication book, people are not able to notice slight differences between the techniques such as advertising, promotion that companies applied in order to convince the customers to purchase their products or services. “Customers may be more sensitive to commonalities and discrepancies among messages than to the specific communications vehicles used to transmit them.” pg. 18.

5. Come with some argued proposals for target-group(s) for the campaign for Halloween in Lego Land

Targeting groups is one of the “core objectives” in a company, and it should be one of the most important elements in a strategic marketing plan. We have to divide all the different costumers in target groups, so we can focus on them in order to make the best marketing campaign. There are different segmentation criteria, but we have to keep in mind mostly the “Personal characteristic”, as we provide mostly services. (We’re talking about LEGO LAND, not LEGO in general). These could be, for instance, the social class, personality, life style, age or education. A theme park has always been related with “family-fun”. Most of the visitors of these kinds of parks are families with little children, who want to have fun and have some rest of the school and...
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