Marketing and Spring Rolls

Topics: Marketing, India, Delhi Pages: 39 (12878 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Table of contents

2Executive summary4
1.1 Problem statement6
1.2 Delimitations6
1.3 Report structure6
1.4 Methodology7
2.0Market research8
2.1Background for Research8
2.2 Research questions:10
2.3 Information needs / Variables10
2.4 Delimitation/Scope11
2.5 Research Design11
2.6 Research Question Outcome13
2.7 Statistical analysis18
3.0 Culture19
3.1 National Culture19
3.2 Organizational culture:22
4.0 Marketing25
4.1 Introduction25
4.2 Defining the Market26
4.3 SWOT Analysis - Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the chosen market27
4.4 PEST factors - Political, Economic, Social and Technological Factors28
4.5 Segmentation - Defining the target group31
4.6 Five Forces Model33
4.7 Conclusion - Final Analysis35
5.0 Discussions36
6.0 Conclusions36
7.0 Bibliography37
8.0 Appendices40
8.1 Questionnaire40
8.2 Statistical analysis example42
8.4 Boston growth share matrix45
8.5 Ansoff Matrix47
8.6 Daloon Portofolio47
8.7 Social Contract49
8.8 Log book50

Executive summary

Daloon A/S, henceforth just Daloon, was formed in 1960 with the name of Van’s Product by the founder Sai-Chiu Van. Mr. Van started his business in his private cellar where he produced spring rolls that he later sold in Tivoli garden in Copenhagen. In 1964 the company changed their name to Daloon which means “the big dragon” in Chinese since dragons are known for being friendly towards humans. Daloon has continued to grow and today they have their products sold in several European countries with their main business in UK, Germany, and Scandinavia. The company also has significant export markets in France, Finland, Spain, Austria and Switzerland. Daloon is a major brand throughout Europe within the frozen ethnic snacks market and is in fact the largest manufacturer of spring rolls in the world. We tried to make the requested report including updating information about the external factors which might influence the company’s market potential and the future activities. Our market research aims on discovering and assessing India as a new prospective and promising market for the continental European Ethnic “Ready to eat”/”Ready-to-cook” Food supplier Daloon. The final goal of the market development, thus strategy of growing, is entering the entire market of India but due to expected high cultural, macro and micro environmental differences, we will mainly deal with the market of Delhi. In the marketing part of the report you will find a definition of the market Daloon is inserted market segmentation and recommendations about relevant target groups. In the end of the marketing analysis you are going to find our suggestions and recommendations for Daloon in order to insert their product, spring rolls, in a different and international market. When we speak about National culture and Organizational culture part we assessed the main challenges that the company may face dealing with a different culture. Choosing India as a potential market for a European company requires taking some extra risks if you look at cultural differences between Europe and Asia. India is an attractive market for investors and foreign companies, which makes it important to have an understanding of their culture. Organizational culture does not only change from country to country but it also changes from company to company, because the beliefs and values differ. Since we have chosen New Delhi (India) as the possible future market, there should definitely be some changes made, thus keeping the working conditions acceptable for their culture. So in this part will be analyzed the two cultures and compared different solutions how to adapt from one to another. 1.0 Introduction

“Daloon is the Chinese word for “The Great Dragon”” Daloon is a major brand throughout Europe within the frozen ethnic snacks market and is in fact the largest...
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