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Market 2
Identification of Target Market 4
External Influences5
Internal Influences 6
Consumer Decision Making Processes 8
Marketing Strategy 11
Recommendation 14
Conclusion 15

Selected Product: BiothermHommeT-PUR ANTI OIL & WET series, Moisturising Gel. (refer to Appendix A for printed Advertisment)

BiothermHomme (BH) was launched in 1985 by Biotherm; a French brand acquired by L’Oreal Group in 1970, founded in 1952. BH is a pioneer in the men’s cosmetic market. In fact before the millennium, Biotherm was one of the only brands that targets men. 1.Market

Size of Market| Singapore Population: 3.7 millionMales: 1.8 millionMales (20 to 54): 1 millionNon-resident: 1.4 million| Market Share| No1 Worldwide in Luxury Skincare for men|
Depth and Breadth| Body Care & Skin CareExtensive Skin Care: basic skincare, anti-aging, hydration, and of course the latest range of anti-shine products.| Principal Product| ‘Pure Thermal Plankton’ (Vitreoscillafilliformis - a non-photosynthetic bacterium) cultivated as a micro-organism providing skincare benefits. This substance can be found in all Biotherm products.| Positioning| ‘All products are conceived with a key goal in mind: a Biotherm product must be a simple, direct product that does what it says, and says what it does’ (Biotherm 2012). ‘Biological approaches to luxury skincare that are priced lower than the average prestige face care.First skin care line that developed range of men’s products catering to all skin types and widely distributed’ (Biotherm 2012)| Product Life Cycle Stage| Growing Stage |

| Selected Prodict – BiothermHomme T PUR ANTI OIL AND WET Moisturising Gel| Direct Competitor – Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment| Indirect Competitor – SK-II Men Age Revitalise Moisturer| | | | |

Market Share/Size| ***| **| *|
Quality| ****| ****| *****|
Availability| ***| ***| ***|
Price| $$$| $$$| $$$$|
Complement products| ****| ***| **|
Awareness (Social media presences, traditional media)| **| *| ***| Environmental Friendly| ***| ***| ***|
Origin| French| USA| Japan|

Other direct competitors include LabSeries, Clarins, Clinique, Kyoku, Lancome and Vicky. Other indirect competitors include Nivea, Garnier, Gilette, House Brands like Watsons/Guardian and female products. The above-mentioned direct competitors each have a fair share of the market. On the other hand, the indirect competitors hold a significant share as they positioned at low cost which align to the situation whereby many men are still not willing to invest on skin care products.

3.Identification of Target Market(s)
Primary Target Market
| BiothermHomme| Kiehl’s|
Demographics| Gender: MaleAge Group: 20 – 54|
Psychographic| Lifestyle: Metrosexual, Bachelor, Young.Individuals who are working in sales, media and feel the need to look good, take care of their skin.| Behavioural| Loyalty to brandsMedium to heavy usageLow to medium sensitivity to price but high sensitivity to effects of products(benefits)|

Potential Market Segments
BH primary target market is age between 20 to 54 years young. A potential segment to tap onto would be teenagers between 14 to 19 years. Before this segment falls into the target group, efforts could be made to cultivate a habitual behavior, allowing them to get used to the brand and eventually become customers and loyal customers. Another potential segment would be the women; it is not unheard of for men to use their wife’s products. It is more common to come across women buying skincare products for their husband and children. With this growing trend, marketing the brand to these women would encourage them buy the products on behalf...
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