Marketing and Singapore Airlines

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Executive Summary
Singapore Airlines is one of the world’s top ranked carriers. They have been constantly a successful organization for the factual understanding of the needs and wants of its target market. They provide products and services in excellence standard to meet its demand, implement an active marketing orientation and analyze issues referring to its comparative advantage over other players. Porter’s five forces analysis help the organization to identify the internal factors influencing how the firm deal with competition, as well as the external factors that affect the nature of the competition within the industry. Singapore Airlines also segments and targets its market strategically and to push their brand image to a prestige positioning.

Table of Contents
I. Introduction3

II. Body
Customers’ needs, wants, demand, product and market identified for Singapore Airlines. i. Customers’ needs, wants and demand 3
ii. Singapore Airlines’ products and market4
Singapore Airlines’ market orientation
i. Market orientation 4
ii. Product life cycle5
Major competitive issues facing Singapore Airlines.
i. Singapore Airlines’ competitive advantages 5
ii. Porter’s five forces analysis of Singapore Airlines a) Suppliers power6
b) Buyers power6
c) Substitutions6
d) Competitive rivalry7
e) New entries7
Segmenting, targeting and positioning of Singapore Airlines. i. Segmenting 7
ii. Targeting 8
iii. Positioning 8

III. Conclusion9

IV. Recommendations10

V. References and Bibliography11

I. Introduction
Singapore Airlines (SIA) has been ranked as one of the top leading airlines in the world. Singapore Airlines began with three flights per week, and today their route network’s span is 99 destinations in 39 countries worldwide. Singapore Airlines Limited split from Malaysian Airways in 1972 and is the national airline of Singapore operating on global major routes. As stated in its website, the company is geared towards “providing air transportation services of the highest quality and to maximizing returns for the benefit of its shareholders and employees.". It has constantly outperformed compared to many other competitive airlines and reported superior annual returns on profits. As airline is known as a mistake-free industry, Singapore Airlines has been proven its outstanding performance through its excellence services as well as being a pioneer in business strategies. Hundreds of industry awards are received by Singapore Airlines for its service quality. This report will outline in detail the fundamental issues in marketing of Singapore Airlines such as marketplace and customer needs, highlight the significant issues regarding the organization’s competitive environment as well as suggest possible enhancements for the organization. II. Body

1. Customers’ needs, wants, demand, product and market identified for Singapore Airlines. i. Customers’ needs, wants and demand.
Amstrong and Kotler (2011) defined needs as states of felt deprivation. They explained human needs comprise basic physical needs as food, clothing, warmth and safety, as well as social needs for belonging, affection, fun and relaxation. There are also esteem needs for prestige, recognition and fame, and individual needs for knowledge and self-expression.. On the other hand, wants are another sort of human needs that are influenced by culture and individual personality. Western people like Americans or Europeans would want breads for their daily meals, while eastern people from China or Vietnam would prefer rice, though they all have the same need of food. People’s wants expand throughout times. In the previous days, they might just simply want a transporting way to reach a destination. Later days...
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