Marketing and Safety Seat Sensor

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Strategic management Pages: 13 (4984 words) Published: May 20, 2011
Marketing Plan
Creating a solid marketing plan is pertinent to any organization, especially when introducing a new product or service to the consumer. The marketing team for Graco Baby introduces the marketing plan to the company by following the steps of the marketing plan outline along with providing additional information regarding the budgeting process, promotional strategies, advertising, channel management decision and the effect on marketing the Safety Seat Sensor, and elements to monitor the team’s process. Graco Baby is proud to introduce the marketing plan for the newly developed Safety Seat Sensor providing peace of mind for parents and caregivers with the proper use of sensors to determine the child’s properly restrained in a well-fitted car seat with a wireless dashboard monitor.
Graco Baby
The Graco Baby Company takes pride in manufacturing high quality affordable baby product lines such as swings, car seats, baby monitors, playpens, and highchairs. Graco’s mission statement provides the goals of the company along with the wide range of product lines the company manufactures. According to the Graco Children’s Product Facebook website (2011), the mission statement is The Graco® brand of baby gear provides thoughtful, practical and dependable parenting solutions inspired by the instincts and best intentions of a loving parent. After carefully observing a parent's natural instincts to protect, nurture, comfort, and soothe, Graco brings life in a broad range of innovative products, from strollers and car seats to high chairs, playards, monitors (Facebook, 2011). Graco baby provides numerous product lines to enhance and improve daily activities of young children and easing the stress of the parents by providing high quality baby product lines for an affordable price. New Product

The Graco Baby Company wants to ensure that new products are to provide innovation and safety at the same time. This company understands the importance of quality and most important delivering products inspired by customers (Graco, 2011). With competition growing and technology increasing, The Graco Baby Company has created and developed a whole innovating experience for parents and care takers to be notified when a car seat has been installed inappropriately and when a child has met or exceeded car seat standards. The new product the Graco marketing team has designed is a new wireless dashboard sensor that attaches to a car seats currently manufactured by the company. The sensor would allow the person in the front seat (typically the driver) of whether the child is properly secured in the car seat, if the child meets or exceeds weight standards for the specific car seat, and if the car seat is secured in the car properly. This would ensure the Childs’ safety and peace of mind for the caregiver and driver. Target market would be parents and caregivers of young children.

Importance of Marketing at Graco
Marketing is important to the organizational success of Graco. The marketing plan begins with researching the needs of the community. For example, Graco decided to create the wireless sensor for car seat as quite often parents either do not secure the child properly or the child exceeds the weight limit, which is very dangerous for the child if there is a car accident. Without researching the needs of the community the organization could implement a product or service that does not have a high need, which could result in monetary loss as well as poor customer satisfaction. For example, a marketing plan at Graco would decrease the chance of the recalling the product as Graco would have taken all steps to ensure the product is safe and is manufacture products with quality. When an organization has to recall a product, it shines a negative light on the organization that can cause the organization to lose money. Marketing also helps organizations effectively communicate the...
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