Marketing and Rackets

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COMPANY ANALYSIS (This could be used as an introduction, does not answer any particular question from page 17) The goal is to continue to climb until Babolat reaches #1 in racket sales worldwide while maintaining #1 in tennis string. Babolat’s focus has been on Rackets (45% of sales) and Strings (25%) whereas the rest of the items (footwear, apparel, machines, accessories, balls, badminton equipment and surgery ligatures) only represents 30%. Babolat is a “family business” run by Eric who belongs to the fith Generation. Pierre Babolat was the founder of the company back in 1874. The company is deeply rooted in France (75% of the employees remain in France) and where only balls and rackets are manufactured overseas.

Q1) Babolat growth can only come from internal market success; it does not have the financial power to buy another company, gain market share and compete better in the USA market with the heavyweights, Wilson #1 and Head#2 in Worldwide Sales. Additionally, the tennis equipment industry is going through a gloomy period of lower sales compared to other years.

Swot Analysis (left for Henry and JP) should answer Q2 and Q 3

Q4) There is a strong correlation between the purchase of tennis rackets and enrolment in tennis clubs. Tennis rackets purchase decision is heavily influenced by Star Players who endorse a particular brand (so having Star Players endorsing your brand is key). It is also very important to have a great relationship and networking with instructors, clubs and pro-shops which will help with the always good Marketing tool of mouth to mouth. Equally important is the decision selecting the right Retailer to distribute your brand.

Q5) competitive advantages
#1 preferred brand among players 15-25
Q6a) Possible Marketing Strategies: Try to use our good image on rackets to aggressively sell more apparel using the same Retailer, GO-SPORT . Another Strategy could be the one explained below in detailed and the one...
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