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Table of Contents
PUMA and its Situational Analysis3
SWOT analysis3
PEST analysis4
PUMA and its Unique Selling Proposition6
PUMA and its Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning7
Recognition and Loyalty9
Image of Size, Quality, Experience and Reliability9
Multiple Products10
PUMA and its Marketing Objectives and Goals10
Marketing Goals10
Marketing Objectives11
PUMA and its Marketing Strategies and Programmes11

This report will show the analysis about PUMA marketing strategy and also giving advice about how to make marketing objective. Basically, this report will include: * Situational Analysis
* Unique Selling Proposition
* Segmentation Targeting & Positioning
* Marketing Objective and Goals
* Marketing Mix
This report will show the analysis about PUMA marketing strategy which the 4th footwear producer in the world and also giving advice and objective to develop marketing strategy. PUMA and its Situational Analysis

To satisfy customer demand, First, PUMA must understand its internal and external situation, including the macro-factor, micro-factor, and its own capabilities. In order to understand the situation, PUMA must do SWOT analysis and PEST analysis. SWOT analysis

PUMA can apply SWOT analysis to both the business unit level, the corporate level and frequently appears in marketing strategy. Strengths
First, it is about PUMA brand and its power:
* Its image stands for the quality, the neo-technology and the prestige. * It is very competitive brand in athletic footwear, accessory and appeal market. * It is an international company.

* It got acquisition of reputable companies.
Second, it is about PUMA financial power and its product:
* Its financial power is very strong and the financial growth rapidly. * Its product is very diversity and it is successful on creating brand recognition. * It has long time experience in produce athletic footwear, accessory and appeal. Third, its management is marketing oriented, this is PUMA’s advantage in this business, since this is market driven. Weaknesses

First, PUMA is not done much of Promotional Campaigns or advertisement. Second, PUMA’s profit dependent on footwear market heavily although it already have wide range of sports products which can cause profit loss when its market share erodes. Third, almost of PUMA’s profit come from selling into its retailers. But retail sector is price sensitive that offers a very similar experience to the consumer as well as they tend to pass the low price competitive pressure to PUMA. Opportunities

First, PUMA’s products are for both fashion and unfashion customer, playing sport or not, especial the young, so it make its own opportunities, since it give customer changes to replace their products. Second, PUMA success on build-up a strong brand recognition which is cover all over the world that give it change to penetrate to disposable market [] for high value sports products like World Cup, The Olympics… Threats

First, PUMA’s short-life-cycles product competitive penetration plan can cost it a lot of money and give its marketing and its research and its development a heavily pressure. In addition, the serious threat may come from weakening markets. Second, buying and selling in different country with different currencies can be threat, because margins and costs are not stable for long periods. Not only PUMA but every international company must face those issues. Third, price sensitivity is a threat to PUMA, especially when the retail sector becomes competition of price. For example, there are many stores with same goods. The consumer is walking around for bester price in the same product. PEST analysis

PUMA can apply PEST analysis to analyze the external...
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