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Charming Joint-stock company is a distributor of products from manufacturers to retailers. The products that we distribute including Women’s Perfume and Men’s Aftershave. We intend to work on two markets are NAFTA and EU. The target customer of The Charming company are the person who find the attraction and the personality from themselves. Because our products make them discover the novelty from things familiar with them. The main market we aim to is the mid-end customer segment. Charming company built the relationship on the trust, responsibility and reputation. Charming is a reliable partner of manufacturers and retailers and to ensure the division of profits reasonably and fairly with partners.

Our products assert their value not only through bringing the best products to the customers with the guaranteed quality and the reasonable price, but also give them an absolute satisfaction through the best serve.

In the next three years, our products will become the first brand to think when choosing Perfume or Aftershave in NAFTA and EU. In the next five years, our products will be available in most parts of the world and are easy to find in famous crowded shopping centers. According to our prediction, we hope to hold 20% market shares, stock price is $15 for next year. In addition, we also research and develop new product line, find more new reputed manufacturers to diversify our products . 5 years later, we will hold 25% market shares, stock price is $30.

Key to success:
Bring the best satisfaction to the customer is the top goal of our company. So that, we regularly focus on market research to understand what the customer need. From that, we organize research and develop our products to attain the best quality. Moreover, a part of Charming company’s achievement depend on the manufacturer and retailers, so that, we always concentrate on building the strong cooperation with the manufacturer and retailers to ensure our business do smoothly.

2.1 Company Ownership:
Charming company start trading in 2013. It is a joint stock company with capital contribution from shareholders. Mrs. Chu Thien Kim is the CEO of the Company and holds a 30% share of the company. Mr. Le Duy Vinh is the CFO and holds a 15% share of the company. Mr. Huynh Thuan is the CMO and holds a 15% share of the company. The remaining 40% stake held by other investors and staff of Company.

2.2 Start – up Plan:
The founding shareholders of the company is also the corporate management team, so we have a responsibility to protect and develop the common property. All planning and business decisions are carefully considered before implementation to ensure successful operation. The initially capitalized is U.S. $ 2.0 million, was raised by equity, bonds and short-term loan. After second quarters, when the operation has become more stable, the company will raise additional capital by U.S. $ 1.2 million debt, equalized debt/equity = 50%

 | YEAR 1| YEAR 2| YEAR 3|
 | Q3| Q4| Q1| Q2| Q3| Q4| Q1| Q2|
Sales Revenue| 1,468,324| 5,015,195| 4,532,093| 2,667,118| 2,542,769| 6,584,110| 4,796,505| 3,308,547| Total Cost| 1,215,621| 3,742,882| 3,248,672| 1,972,824| 1,832,090| 4,632,289| 3,400,735| 2,402,063| Net Income| 252,703| 1,272,313| 1,283,421| 694,294| 710,679| 1,951,821| 1,395,770| 906,484|

2.3 Company Locations:

The Charming company will be located in 68, 4th Street, Manhattan, New York, USA.

The 2nd branch is located on the 10th floor of 1 Lyric Square, London Hammersmith, United Kingdom

The meaning of the Logo: When did I wake into this dream? I must have been the only person in the world who didn’t know who she was…. But my world would never be the same again when she came into my life. It didn’t matter, I knew who she was to me. And then, she was gone. Has she...
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