Marketing and Operations

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Management Pages: 134 (32666 words) Published: February 24, 2013

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Marketing & Operations
MAN 40037

Marketing & Operations Management – 2012

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The Marketing Context
1.1 Introduction8
1.2 The Marketing Environment11
1.3 Services Marketing & Non - Profit Organizations13
1.4 Marketing Ethics15
1.5 Summary15

Managing Markets and Marketing Information
2.1 Introduction16
2.2 Segmentation/Targeting/Positioning17
2.3 Marketing Information19
2.4 Buyer Behaviour20
2.5 Summary22

Strategic Operations Management
3.1 Introduction23
3.2 The Manufacturing Strategy Paradigm24
3.3 Structured Approaches to Formulating Manufacturing Strategy31 3.4 Contemporary Factors in Achieving Strategic Edge in Operations38 3.5 Summary40

The Marketing Mix
4.1 Introduction41
4.2 The Product Variable42
4.3 The Price Variable45
4.4 The Place Variable48
4.5 The Promotion Variable51
4.6 Summary54

The Design of Operations
5.1 Introduction56
5.2 Location Choice57
5.3 Classification and Features of Operations Systems58
5.4 Facilities Layout64
5.5 The System Design Process64
5.6 Contemporary Forms of Process Decisions66
5.7 Summary69

New Product and Branding
6.1 Introduction70
6.2 New Product Development72
6.3 The New Product Development (NPD) Process75
6.4 The Concept of Branding77
6.5 Operationalising and Managing Product Design78
6.6 “Simultaneous” or “Concurrent” Design Engineering81 6.7 Design For Operations/Manufacture81
6.8 Product Redesign82
6.9 Product Liability85
6.10 Summary85

Operations Planning and Control
7.1 Introduction86
7.2 Planning and Control Concepts88
7.3 Inventory Management Theory95
7.4 Materials Requirements Planning101
7.5 Just In Time105

Quality Improvement
8.1 Introduction116
8.2 Definitions of Quality116
8.3 Quality Systems118
8.4 Responsibility and Organisation for Quality119
8.5 Quality Control120
8.6 Contemporary Writers on Quality Management123
8.7 Costs of Quality126
8.8 Programmes for Quality Improvement127
8.9 The Total Quality Philosophy131
8.10 Quality Accreditation and Certification132
8.11 Business Process Reengineering (BPR)136
8.12 Summary138

Marketing Strategy
9.1 Introduction139
9.2 Portfolio Models141
9.3 Summary142

This module aims to introduce students to key concepts and aspects pertaining to marketing and the management of design and operations in business organisations. The approach taken is primarily managerial in orientation. Setting marketing and operations within the context of the market, the module to provides an overview of managing markets and the use of market information. The links between corporate, marketing and operations activities are then explored by reference to the strategic management of operations. The course then proceeds to explore marketing and operations concepts and issues in more specific depth. Marketing mix, strategies for new products and branding, and strategic aspects of marketing are covered from the marketing perspective. The operations management part of the course identifies that the aim of any industrial, service, public sector or retail operation is to deliver goods and services of the quality, quantity, cost and availability that will satisfy the customers' needs while at the same time making most effective use of resources. This can only be achieved by giving attention to the design of products, processes and work for employees, and through the competent planning and control of operations. These issues are covered in the module. The modules will, therefore, not only consider marketing management, but will also cover the way in which operations can be...
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