Marketing and Nescafe

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About Nescafe

Nestle, the largest confectionary, nutrition and Food Company in the world. Nescafe is one of its renowned brands in the business of traditional hot and cold energizing solubles like coffee and is available almost in every part of the world in different forms and variants. It was named as one of the top 100 brands of the world by Bloomberg business week (Top 100 Brands of 2008, 2008). Today, its offerings are available in 32 countries including France, China, Canada, Pakistan, India, UK, USA and others(Nescafe, 2010).

Nescafe's Global Strategy

Nescafe has build a strong brand equity through the use of aggressive marketing strategies globally. Each country/region's Nescafe forms its own strategy to effectively target its audience and generate sales accordingly for the profitability and growth of the company. It is for this reason that some variants are designed and marketed to cater to the needs of that particular segment of the market.It has been noted that Nescafe as a brand is in a intermediary phase from being an exclusive utilitarian comsuption product when it used to be just an instant coffee to becoming more of a product with hedonic consumption when it started to create and sell different blends in different markets. Each variant has its own specific feature and personality to add value to the brand under the same name.The company aims at providing products to consumers wherever, whenever and however is required. Nescafe focuses on the coffee tradition and its historical value. Nescafe's global brand personality can be sincere, down-to-earth, warm and honest and excitement related to friendly, youth and energy however it can be just one of the two mentioned above or a mix of both depending upon the target market and the variation.

Target Market, Promotion Strategies and Media

Nescafe has different target market for its different variants. In the UK, the target market is young adult consumers aged between 20-35 of middle and...
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