Marketing and Lush Fresh Handmade

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Cosmetics Pages: 19 (7471 words) Published: September 5, 2012
Company: Lush Handmade Cosmetics

The purpose of this report is to investigate the brand, Lush, as an industry leader and delve into what essentially makes Lush successful, what are the internal strengths and weaknesses , the external opportunities and threats as well as a marketing strategy on how Lush is able to further their brand through the extensive promotion tools and techniques. Lush is a globally recognized brand that offers clients organic and preservative free cosmetics. The company is strongly against the use of animals when testing products as well refuse to associate itself with suppliers who test other products on animals. The stance that Lush takes allows them to orientate themselves within the market as a idealist and elite brand. The branding used in the logo and throughout the store reflects the rejuvenating, youthful and fresh image that Lush fosters. Ironically behind the scenes Lush is an organic company with a flat management structure that rejects unnecessary hierarchicalbusiness structure and red tape , so that employees engage with the brand as well as become invested and committed to the work they do under the Lush name. Lush positions itself as a luxury organic product with quirky features. The target client is a young professional female who is has a heightened awareness of environmental issues. Thanks to Lush’s forward thinking by marketing to this once small niche market almost 20 years ago , the dedication to the client has paid off immensely with the boom increase in the number of green consumers within the luxury cosmetics market. In this marketing plan, three major marketing objectives have been outlined which Lush needs to achieve. It emphasizes not only the short term, also long-term objectives. It helps the company to find the right development direction and operation principals. Then, the Lush Company segmented the cosmetics market. Facing the targeted market, Lush adopts differences strategy in marketing. In a word, youth, middle-aged women are treated as the main consumers’ source; meantime, it will take into account the children, the elderly consumer groups. In this way, Lush Company will cover the entire market share and rapidly occupy the effective market, will bring faster and higher interests for the Lush Company. In order to achieve marketing strategy on the integrated marketing communications different instruments and methods will implement mix. Precise product, price, promotion, place strategies will allow the company to occupy unique position in the marketplace.


1. Executive Summary--------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 2. Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 3. PEST Analysis----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8

3.1 Political-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------10
3.2 Economic---------------------------------------------------------------------------------10
3.3 Social--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11
3.4 Technological----------------------------------------------------------------------------11 4. SWOT Analysis---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12

4.1 Strengths----------------------------------------------------------------------------------12
4.2 Weakness---------------------------------------------------------------------------------13
4.3 Opportunities----------------------------------------------------------------------------14
4.4 Threats-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14 5. Marketing Objectives-------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 6. Target...
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