Marketing and Key Terms

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Part 1: Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process (Chapters 1-2)

Preface 16

Part 2: Understanding the Marketplace and Consumers (Chapters 3-6) Part 3: Designing a Customer-Driven Strategy and Mix (Chapters 7-17) Part 4: Extending Marketing (Chapters 18-20)

Planning Marketing: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships 69 Partnering with Other Company Departments 70 I Partnering with Others in the Marketing System 71

Part 1: Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process 26

Marketing Strategy and the Marketing Mix 72

Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value 26
What Is Marketing? 28
Marketing Defined 29 I The Marketing Process 29 Understanding the Marketplace and Customer Needs 30 Customer Needs, Wants, and Demands 30 I Market Offerings— Products, Services, and Experiences 30 I Customer Value and Satisfaction 31 I Exchanges and Relationships 31 I Markets 31 Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy 32 Selecting Customers to Serve 32 I Choosing a Value Proposition 33 I Marketing Management Orientations 33

Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy 72 I Developing an Integrated Marketing Mix 75

Managing the Marketing Effort 77
Marketing Analysis 77 I Marketing Planning 78 I Marketing Implementation 78 I Marketing Department Organization 79 I Marketing Control 80 Measuring and Managing Return on Marketing Investment 81 Reviewing Objectives and Key Terms 83 I Key Terms 84 I Discussing & Applying the Concepts 84 I Focus on Technology 84 I Focus on Ethics 85 I Marketing & the Economy 85 I Marketing by the Numbers 85

Preparing an Integrated Marketing Plan and Program 36 Building Customer Relationships 36 Customer Relationship Management 36 I The Changing Nature of Customer Relationships 40 I Partner Relationship Management 43

Video Case: Live Nation 86 Company Case: Bahrain Bay: Building Customer Relations for the Future 86

Part 2: Understanding the Marketplace and Consumers 88

Capturing Value from Customers 44
Creating Customer Loyalty and Retention 44 I Growing Share of Customer 45 I Building Customer Equity 45

Analyzing the Marketing Environment 88
The Microenvironment 90
The Company 91 I Suppliers 91 I Marketing Intermediaries 92 I Competitors 92 I Publics 93 I Customers 93

The Changing Marketing Landscape 46
The Uncertain Economic Environment 47 I The Digital Age 50 I Rapid Globalization 51 I Sustainable Marketing—The Call for More Social Responsibility 51 I The Growth of Not-for-Profit Marketing 52

The Macroenvironment 94
The Demographic Environment 94 I The Economic Environment 101 I The Natural Environment 102 I The Technological Environment 104 I The Political and Social Environment 105 I The Cultural Environment 110

So, What Is Marketing? Pulling It All Together 53
Reviewing Objectives and Key Terms 54 I Key Terms 55 I Discussing & Applying the Concepts 56 I Focus on Technology 56 I Focus on Ethics 57 I Marketing & the Economy 57 I Marketing by the Numbers 57

Responding to the Marketing Environment 113
Reviewing Objectives and Key Terms 115 I Key Terms 116 I Discussing & Applying the Concepts 116 I Focus on Technology 117 I Focus on Ethics 117 I Marketing & the Economy 117 I Marketing by the Numbers 117

Video Case: Stew Leonard's 58 Company Case: Pegasus Airline: Delighting a New Type of Traveling Customer 58

Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships 60 Company-Wide Strategic Planning: Defining Marketing's Role 62 Defining a Market-Oriented Mission 63 I Setting Company Objectives and Goals 64 I Designing the Business Portfolio 64

Video Case: TOMS Shoes 118...
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