Marketing and Key Success Factors

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Course: Marketing Management (MKT201)

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Mahmud Zubayer
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Department of Business Administration
East West University

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Ques No 1: What have been the key success factors for Nike?

Ans: The key success factors for Nike have been as follows:

➢ High quality running shoes designed specially for athletes by athletes. ➢ Commitment of designing innovative footwear for serious athletes. ➢ Manufacturing the footwear at a competitive price. ➢ Using professional athletes in its advertising campaigns. ➢ Pushing the advertisement through all the 12 sports featured TV sports.

Ques No 2: Where is Nike vulnerable? What should they watch out for?

Ans: Nike deals with only one product line that is footwear. It is vulnerable at forming the product mix such as manufacturing different sorts of sportswear: wrist watch, swimming caps and etc. In this circumstance, it should watch out for diversification of the products to increase the market share.

Ques No 3: What recommendations would you make to their senior marketing executives going forward?

Ans: For going forward senior marketing executives of Nike can follow the recommendations as below:

➢ Continue the sponsorship with sportsmen those are performing the best. ➢ Also continue the TV advertisements.
➢ Watch out for diversification in product line. ➢ Be a sponsor for the different popular sport events such as world cup tournament. ➢ Collecting feedback from customers about the product’s quality. ➢ Customize the advertisement for the customer of different culture in different region.

Ques no 4: What should they be sure to do with their marketing?

Ans: They...
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