Marketing and Guinness

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Strategic Marketing

Marketing Strategy for Guinness

Guinness is a renowned stout (beer) company in Ireland, and throughout the world. It is particularly famous for its unique taste and its quality. The beer is an icon for Ireland, with is epic advertisements and classic colour of black and white. Arthur Guinness established the stout in 1759, at St. James’ Gate in Dublin. The company has survived years of competition through its creative advertising and high quality product.

Mission Statement
The Guinness brand is part of the large Diageo group, its mission statement quotes that they wish ‘To become one of the world’s most trusted and respected companies’. We feel that this is been achieved with the Guinness brand as it is much respected worldwide. They are always striving to grow, and be known for their outstanding stout. Guinness has succeeded in growing into the world’s number one stout brewer. In 2000 its overseas sales overtook Irish and British sales, for the first time and these numbers have continued to grow ever since.

Situational Analysis

Company Analysis
Diageo as a company are constantly striving to reach new goals, to improve the Guinness brand and quality of the product. In recent times the global economic environment has taken a downturn, which has meant that the company has had to do their best to stay competitive and hold their place in the global market. In recent years the sales of the iconic Irish drink have been falling on a domestic level so Diageo decided that it would have to look further a field to developing markets for new sales. Diageo got in touch with the famous advertisers Saatchi & Saatchi and started about entering the African market and creating what the advertising company call a “love mark”, described as a brand that enjoys loyalty beyond reason from consumers. One of the company’s aims is to gain a foothold in this market to increase sales, and profits, and develop their worldwide recognition of the brand.

Diageos main focus for Guinness has and will be to maintain a product of up most quality, with a loyal customer following. They focus on advertising to promote the stout.

Even though the stout is synonymous with Ireland, the drink is accepted worldwide. Guinness sells the stout to 150 countries across the world, with its top markets in Ireland, Great Britain, United States, Nigeria and Cameroon. Guinness is famous for its Irish provenance and epic colour; it is the most famous black stout and is brewed in over 50 countries. Guinness sell a numerous range of stouts, with Guinness Draught and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout been the most popular worldwide. Guinness takes into account the culture of different countries, and understands that different tastes appeal to different regions of the world. Guinness Draught is predominantly sold in Europe, Japan, Australia and North America. This Guinness is available as Guinness Original, Extra cold, Extra smooth, and their most recent – Guinness Red. Guinness Foreign Extra stout is most popular in Caribbean, Africa and Asia, due to its slightly stronger taste. Guinness are ingenious with their advertising strategies, this is evident through the celebration of Arthur Guinness day, it was the 250th global celebration last year, however due to the massive success of the day, it is now a yearly occasion. The day was celebrated in over 150 countries throughout the world.

S.W.O.T. Analysis

Guinness is a worldwide renowned brand, under the Diageo PLC. Guinness’ strengths lie in the uniqueness of the brand and its cleverly created advertising campaigns, such as the “good things come to those who wait” campaign or “its alive inside”. Diageo understand their markets and the wants of the their target consumers. One of Guinness’ key strengths lies their near monopoly in the stout market, they are the only brand to sell a stout globally. Guinness is a remarkably strong...
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