Marketing and Communications Objectives

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Chapter 7: Establishing Objectives and Budgeting for the Promotional Program 1. In terms of what is spent on advertising,:

a. it is simple to measure the direct impact of advertising

b. only one specific type of evaluation method should be used for each type of advertising

c. advertising experts and marketing consultants both agree on the ability of advertising to demonstrate a positive ROI

d. advertising experts and marketing consultants both agree on the fundamental ability of advertising to create a quality image

e. none of the above is true

2. The purpose of setting specific advertising goals and objectives is to:


provide a standard against which performance can be measured

b. put constraints on the creative department

c. have a method of determining when to delete products from the product line

d. forecast the market share level that can be attained by good advertising

e. protect all investors and debt holders

3. To many marketing managers, the only goal of their company's advertising and promotional program is to:

a. position the company and its brands

b. create a positive corporate image


generate sales

d. create memorable advertising

e. create awareness of the company

4. Which of the following is NOT given as a realistic reason for setting specific objectives for an integrated marketing communications program?

a. Specific objectives serve as communication devices and facilitate coordination of various groups working on the campaign.

b. Specific objectives serve as a guide for planning and decision making.

c. Specific objectives provide a benchmark against which success or failure of a campaign can be measured.

d. Specific objectives help specify a method and criteria for assessing how well the promotional program is working.

e. Specific objectives provide specific ideas on how to develop more creative and effective advertising.

5. The more specific the firm's advertising objectives, the:

a. easier it becomes to measure advertising effectiveness

b. more difficult it is for competitor's advertising to be effective

c. easier it is to measure the advertising-sales response function

d. smaller the funding needed to meet advertising goals

e. more difficult it is for a competitor to use competitive parity budgeting

6. Companies that develop integrated marketing communications (IMC) programs that do not contain specific objectives:


will often have too many benchmark measures against which the success or failure of their programs can be assessed

b. will never be successful

c. may find it difficult to facilitate coordination of the efforts of various groups working on a promotional campaign since the various groups may not understand what goal they are working toward

d. will be able to save money since they won't spend too much time worrying about what they are trying to do

e. be more successful than companies that develop IMC programs with specific objectives

7. Before setting objectives for advertising and promotion, an organization should:

a. conduct a situation analysis to identify marketing and promotional issues facing the firm

b. develop its media objectives

c. develop creative objectives

d. develop communication goals

e. create a creative mission statement

8. Arden's task is to determine what was accomplished by his company's advertising and promotional program for a vinyl siding cleanser. You are able to tell him that:

a. his task is impossible

b. all he needs is sales results to determine what the program accomplished

c. his task is easier if specific communications objectives were set

d. all he needs is post-promotional consumer awareness levels to determine what the program accomplished

e. this is the easiest task his company has ever asked him to perform if the company did not set specific objectives

9. _____ objectives are types of objectives that...
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