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A SOSTAC® and PRACE planning checklist for online marketing

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Start here – how can this template be used?1

SOSTAC® Digital Marketing Plan outline incorporating RACE2







Start here – how can this template be used?

SOSTAC® and RACE are two of the main tools we’ve created to help marketers plan and manage their marketing. It’s no surprise that we've had several questions asking for more information about how they relate.

To show how they’re related we’ve created this template that shows how each stage of the SOSTAC® planning process can be broken down into the key issues to consider when creating a plan to improve online marketing.

It’s basically a dense checklist for annual review or when you start a new job or project aimed at helping you get up-to-speed quickly by showing the key issues to consider within each part of strategy definition. As with other parts of our digital strategy toolkit, we’ve created it as a simple, unbranded, unformatted Word document so that it can be more easily used in your company.

• SOSTAC® was created by PR Smith as a framework for structuring marketing plans. You can read more about it and get Paul’s PDF on how to apply from Amazon at • For simplicity in creating a strategy can limit to SOST since A is implementation details and KPIs and review process C can be covered under objectives • Defining an activity as a “Strategy” against a “Tactic” is open for discussion. So can shorten SOSTAC further to SOS for a quicker review and strategy definition.

SOSTAC® Digital Marketing Plan outline incorporating RACE

|SITUATION | |Analysis of current company marketplace performance and opportunities. Analysis techniques: | |Plan |Reach |Act |Convert |Engage | |Create Digital SWOT and key issues |Digital footprint/Radar in different local |Customer journey analysis |Conversion funnel review – review | E-communications strategy (Email and social media| |summary |markets |Core brand messages and value proposition |drop-outs |marketing) | |Customer characteristics, behaviours |Search visibility |Website engagement devices (Desktop) |Value proposition, pricing and |Satisfaction gap analysis - understand what is | |and needs |Social – Amplification and reputation |Mobile engagement devices (Site and apps) |merchandising review – appeal to |preventing repeat purchases? | |Competitor benchmarking |management |Social outpost engagement tools and content|different personas |Automated email effectiveness | |Intermediary review (Publishers+media |Awareness through advertising, PR and |Permission marketing profiling and welcome |Review of automated email follow-up |Social conversations review including advocacy | |sites) |affiliate marketing |(E-CRM) | | | |PEST/SLEPT...
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