Marketing Analysis of Mtv

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Global Marketing Strategy

Marketing Analysis of MTV
Term Group Project

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This paper aims to decompose the global marketing strategy of MTV. With a focus of the market-oriented strategy, the paper involves a Four-P (product, price, place, promotion) analysis elaborating how the globalized and localized products of MTV are properly priced under the polycentric principle, and are effectively distributed to the globe through all its well-selected channels. There is no omission of a detailed SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis, which serves as a good basis for the analysis of MTV Competitors in Internet, and TV Networks of Europe and Asia, the main object fastening on Channel V. One core part of the paper concentrates on the Globalization of MTV explaining the global positioning, the foreign market entry strategy, as well as the global business model and operation. As a further extension, the other core segment would be the potent localized maneuver represented by MTV in China, splitting all the influencing elements in the China Market arena. Theoretically supported by Porter's Five Forces Analysis, the paper has exhibited official statistics to reveal the situation of market entry, positioning, promotion and limitations, basing on which the future local strategy of MTV China is promoted, followed by a simplicity conclusion that just hit the nail on the head to summarize the key innovations of the paper and proposed future prospects.

MTV, a music channel traced back to 1977 when Warner Amex Cable launched an interactive cable TV system Qube which won substantive popularity, and later at August 1, 1981, the format was changed to music video and renamed “MTV—Music Television”. It is a subsidiary channel owned by MTV networks,which is owned by Viacom,a media conglomerate in the USA which owns 10 movie corporations and networks, 19 TV stations and 1300 cinemas. With a total of more than 60 channels in over 40 countries, MTV plays over 200 programmes of more than10 kinds in the main market Europe and Pacific Asia. The original purpose of MTV was to be music-oriented, playing music videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week guided by on-air personalities known as VJs, now they have undergone an obvious decline of music hours from 8 to 3. The founder and media executive of the MTV, Robert Warren Pittman had declaimed his ambition to build MTV not only a music channel but also a brand that could be linked with global influence. What is to expect in this paper is immense and diversified containing a clearly stated marketing concept, unique analysis of the development of MTV, the corporate culture and social responsibility, all based on careful research and supporting statistics with reference listed thoroughly below. Literature Review

Three level of products
This theory suggested that a product should be viewed in three levels (Kotler, 2005). Level 1: Core Product. What is the core benefit your product offers? Customers who purchase a camera are buying more then just a camera they are purchasing memories. Level 2 Actual Product: All cameras capture memories. The aim is to ensure that your potential customers purchase your one. The strategy at this level involves organizations branding, adding features and benefits to ensure that their product offers a differential advantage from their competitors. Level 3: Augmented product: What additional non-tangible benefits can you offer? Competition at this level is based around after sales service, warranties, delivery and so on. John Lewis a retail departmental store offers free five year guarantee on purchases of their Television sets, this gives their `customers the additional benefit of ‘piece of mind’ over the five years should their purchase...
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